Back from Castilla La Mancha...

From Cuenca to be precise and if you cannot guess what we found there in the perrera, think a little because it is not that hard to figure out, yes, you are right, we have found another 40 galgos. Pilar had told me already they had too many galgos and dogs in general so this Saturday we went there to pick them up. Some of them are very thin so our guys needed to rearrange the feeding places so they will all have enough and won’t get into fights, we put them all in the new patios of 7-2 and 7-3 and we have been able to do all this thanks to your generosity. Talking about generosity, our refuge is filling up like this and we are going to need your help, not only in finding them homes but also to pay for their food and another worker that we are going to need shovelling so much dogpoop and feeding so many mouths. We have put all of them in the patios except for one, this one is a dog that bites, he is very shy and that exact shyness makes that he is becoming agressive, so following the example of timid Socrates, I took him to my little troop and now he is sleeping in my house and I will try to socialize him so he will loose his fear and will be adopted. To tell you the truth I would love to prove I haven’t lost my touch with galgos, because he is in my house and so far he hasn’t bitten me. And knowing all this, who would think I would go and argue over some dogs in Alicante..
A wink and kisses, bites and lick from the dogs for everybody, Fermin
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