A tribute to our adopters

Ha, I have a problem with an article I have written before, where I said that the volunteers are second in importance at Scooby which would mean you, the adopters would be third in place, but now, thinking about it I wonder if you should not be second. Anyway, it does not really matter; all of you are very important and essential in whatever way and moreover all of you are connected and one could not exist without the other.
In this case I would also like to put a special spotlight on the adopters of our animals with problems, and this because of my visit to the US last summer where I met Spiderman and his mistress. If you don’t remember, Spiderman was a dog with distemper in a neurological phase and his mobility had already been affected, exactly the same to what happened with Frickles and one of Cobie’s dogs, and I think is is remarkable that, even knowing that nothing can be done about it, still there is someone who will adopt them, because the adoption is very important, to adopt an animal with a handicap to me is an act of love towards the animal itself. I had a very pleasant conversation with Spiderman’s mistress and she told me it was just a matter of patience, he was a little slower than the rest and has a slight coordination problem, but for the rest everything was perfect, and their happiness was enormous, like the happiness that our adopters provide us. Thank you.  Kisses, hugs, bites and superloving licks from all of us. Fermin


A hommage to one of our spanish volunteers.

For sure one of the principle concerns I have had during my years at Scooby was to have someone as a worker that could be paid, for instance to do the cleaning, feed the animals, not to be dependent on what number of volunteers was present and had the time to do so. The truth is that there are other jobs that the volunteers can do and which they do very well, some care could not be given to the animals if it weren’t for the presence of volunteers, as well as many other promotional tasks, go to schools, coordination jobs that could not be done without the efforts of volunteers, who know that their help is required but often feel underappreciated, but nothing is further from the truth as in reality we appreciate them very much, which you need and want, the people who make up the fabric of Scooby but mainly for our animals.
At the same time all has to be said, I would like to put a face to our gratitude which is one volunteer in particular, whose name is Ana Merino, a very quiet person who prefers animals over humans, her main interests are the animals and the animals thank her for  that, she is very exited about going to work at Scooby, to observe all the animals living in the patio and the oldies,  every day, the dogs are expecting her for half an hour before she even arrives, when any other one of us passes by they don’t stir but as soon as they see her car pulling up they are besides themselves with joy, undoubtedly they consider her their guardian and their friend, well every morning they are taking their places half an hour before Ana’s arrival and the next day they are taking their places again, to me it’s quite exciting that they have a trusted companion like her, especially the oldies. The oldies are everything to Ana and she is everything to them.

Thank you Ana for taking care of them and please never grow tired of caring for them, as our oldies need you.



Discount on the calendars...

...because of a mistake.

Yes, we are very sorry, but the January dates are wrong despite of multiple checking before printing.

A classical case of human failure for which we ask your apologize. The new price from now on is 15,-Euro instead of 17,90 and to those who already ordered and paid the full prize, an even bigger apologize. But please bear in mind that all the Scooby background work is accomplished by voluntarily working people who really try their best what in this case led to a wonderful picture of the sunset at the Scooby lake you can enjoy for a full month, well, okay, without putting your appointments in;-)

And also be sure that each and every cent of profit goes directly to the Scooby animals, so even if you paid the full prize, you just supported the animals, nothing else!

Again, sorry for that but we hope that won´t keep you off from buying the wonderful calendars!

Thank you for your understanding,

The Scooby team


Adopters day

For the fourth year in a row at Scooby we celebrated Adopters day,  a day to pass time together with the goal of seeing our dogs again and their new families  and to enjoy some time together.
We hereby would like to thank our adopters publicly, they wanted to share their time with us, both joyful and emotional. Our beloved adopters  to come in from 12 in the morning and all passed our special photocall, of which we will show you some samples.
After the president arrived and the regular pictures had been taken together with the authorities, Fermin gave the starting sign for the walk through the streets of Medina, a very quiet walk that caught the attention of everybody on the street, the high point being the stop on the Plaza Mayor where a few of the kids playing on the square approached us to play with the animals.
At the end of the walk we came back to the Explanada del Cuartel Marques de la Ensenada in Medina, where we continued enjoying the day and while we were waiting for the paella we had a little bit of soup, and sitting in the sun we enjoyed the play of our dogs.
And finally the paella arrived and it really tasted very good, so we had a good taste and even went back for seconds. We finished the meal with cake and coffee after a short break in which the tables were moved into the sun.
After the meal Alicia continued with the raffle, a very entertaining moment in which we were surprised again and  got  to know the adopters because some that received a Price twice shared it with other people. Thank you for that and for showing us again the goodness of your character like you have been showing us daily.
After the raffle it was time to exchange experiences, and enjoying the last of the sun we sat in a circle and our presenter Alicia shared this with the remaining adopters because during the day some of them left because of previous engagements.
This way we could learn the stories of Toby, Belinda, Kissy, Dotcom, Onak, Rosa, Bande, Tim, Fiona, Pepe and many more. For each and every one of the adopters, thank you so much for making us part of their stories, their daily life and showing us a part of their being and their feelings. And above all thank you for adopting our adorable animals, for giving them a second chance and mostly for making them happy and a part of your family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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The Official Scooby Calendar 2014

The Official Scooby Calendar 2014 and Christmas cards

The Official Scooby Calendar 2014 is now available in our shop!
The size of the calendar is approximately 29.7 cm x 42 cm (11 in x 16 in) and has a metal binding.  The calendar is very nice with 12 months of beautiful Scooby pictures. 
It is very useful because it can also be used as an agenda and there is enough space to enter appointments, birthdays or anniversaries.  It would make a perfect Holiday gift for every animal lover!
Price: 17.90 Euro plus postage

The official international Scooby Christmas cards

A set of 4 different folded cards in DIN long format with Christmas greetings in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian), 4 envelopes are included.
With these print things it is always the problem that, the less you order, the more expensive it gets, because they need to set up the machines and that is what you mainly pay for. So for getting a reasonable price that will also enable us to make a bit profit for our animals, we had to order 300 sets. So now we count on you to help us selling them all. The price for one set is 2,50,-€ but you get 5 sets for 10,-€ ( plus postage, depends on where you order from) That´s to call a big deal!
And if you order a calendar and the Christmas cards together, you save quite some postage, so we can only recommend that;-))

Please send your orders for the calendar/cards to: scoobyshop@scoobymedina.com