The Official Scooby Calendar 2013 and Christmas cards

The Official Scooby Calendar 2013 is now available in our shop!
The size of the calendar is approximately 29.7 cm x 42 cm (11 in x 16 in) and has a metal binding.  The calendar is very nice with 12 months of beautiful Scooby pictures. 
It is very useful because it can also be used as an agenda and there is enough space to enter appointments, birthdays or anniversaries.  It would make a perfect Holiday gift for every animal lover!
Price: 17.90 Euro plus postage

NEW!!! The official international Scooby Christmas cards
A set of 4 different folded cards in DIN long format with Christmas greetings in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Italian), 4 envelopes are included.
With these print things it is always the problem that, the less you order, the more expensive it gets, because they need to set up the machines and that is what you mainly pay for. So for getting a reasonable price that will also enable us to make a bit profit for our animals, we had to order 300 sets. So now we count on you to help us selling them all. The price for one set is 2,50,-€ but you get 5 sets for 10,-€ ( plus postage, depends on where you order from) That´s to call a big deal!
And if you order a calendar and the Christmas cards together, you save quite some postage, so we can only recommend that;-))
Please send your orders for the calendar/cards to: scoobyshop@scoobymedina.com

Introduced with video - XANDER:

This is a short summary of the Dutch original!
Can i introduce you all to Xander ?
A crazy, but nice, adolescent dog.
So, this is Xander...
He still needs a bit of upbringing.
Despite the other dogs here, he suffers from boredom.
He especially needs guidance and rules.
What he also does is: he "bites" in your hand and face but it's just frustration an NOT evil. He
just wants rules, guidance,attention an exercise.
I can also say a lot of lovingly things about him.
Xander is a pleasant, nice, sweet, curious and inquisitive dog.
And he loves to cuddle and hiking.
So do you like a challenge ??
Maybe you want to adopt this sweet dog.

So Xander, i hope you will get lucky but for now Go and play with your friends.....


Rayo - from Spain to America

Rayo arrived at JFK airport on April 8, 2012. Ironically, it was Easter Sunday and the volunteers who brought him from Scooby were Margie and Darryl Easter. He had come a long way and still had several hours to go by car to reach his new home in Pennsylvania.
Rayo lives with an ex-racing Greyhound (Jamie), 2 Italian Greyhounds (Cashew and Leah), a Silky Terrier (Flirt), 3 Parrots and several foster dogs. He enjoys running in our friend Jennifer's big fenced in yard with his canine housemates. 

Since arriving in the USA, Rayo has graduated from beginners obedience class, passed his testing and observations with Therapy Dogs Incorporated and had just passed the therapy dog 
evaluation with Pet Partners. He loves to go visiting people and enjoys the interaction regardless of the person's disability. His next step will be to become a Crisis Response dog to help people and first responders dealing with trauma. 
Rayo has become an ambassador for Galgos in Spain and will hopefully do his part in educating people of the plight of the Galgo. 

Thank you to Diane, Eva, the Easters and the Scooby staff for sending me this wonderful boy!

Debbie Jordan


My heart breaks

I never wanted to have to tell you what I am going to tell you, but I simply have to: Lillyfee is no longer with us, she took the last train towards a place where trains don’t kill you, where us humans are not bosses but mates, a place I don’t know it it exists, but if it does, it is where Lillyfee is now. As a result of being hit by the train, all the skin on one side of our poor dog was necrotic and when Enrique started cleaning her we found that from the midpart to the backpart, all of her skin was necrotic and we would have to remove it, and then we decided that given the slim chances of survival with all her problems, the best for her was not to wake her up and let her go by giving her a little more anestethic. And that is what we did, thinking only of her wellbeing, the truth is that it always hurts me to have to euthanize an animal but with Lillifee it even felt worse. I know it sounds stupid but I had rescued her and I felt more bonded to her than to other animals. She was great and kind with all the pain she must have had and she never complained, she loved chicken and wagged her tail to show her thanks. So, a very sad day for all of us that make the Scooby family and like I always say: another animal that has gone so my friend Maribel Mirinigo can take care of them the way she knows how.
I know there are people that have brought in funds for her operation and since we never had the chance to operate her, so we either give this money back or we use it for the operations on Branko or Timmy. Branko we picked up today and his hip has to be relocated, and Timmy needs an operation  on his ligaments, so whatever you want. If you want us to return the money, please send us an email and we will be happy to oblige. 
With sad greetings, Fermin
P.s. if you are easily upset, please do not look at the pictures.


Lillifee – hit by a train

On Friday we got a phone call from the Guardia Civil who has been informed by workers of the railway. They found a Mastina on the tracks, a big head wound, unable to stand up. So we put the stretcher in the car and went to pick her up.
Back at the shelter I did a first aid treatment right away since our vet had already left for the weekend. Although it must have hurt a lot, her ear his almost torn off,  we could even take off the muzzle again later because she was so very kind and sweet despite of her pain that it was not needed at all.
But this flesh wound is not the main problem…
Today we took her to a clinic for an x-ray and the result you can see in the slide show. You don´t need to be a specialist to realize that with fractures like she has in 2 legs on one side and also a comminuted fracture in the foot on the same side, and being a big and heavy dog, it will not be easy to get her back to walking, if it will work at all. But anyway, we wouldn´t be Scooby if we would simply give her up and so she is gonna have a surgery next week. And we hope so much it will work for her. She is so cute, wags her tail already when we approach to give food, water, medicines or cuddles, it would be very hard to let her go. 
We would be very grateful if you´d help us with covering the vet expenses for Lillifee and will keep you posted about her!
Thank you,


From Alien to beauty –Update on Aida

I am sure you all remember Aida, who was rescued by Scooby in an awful state with advanced mange. After  less than 2 months good care and medication she looks much more again like a Doberman girl should look  and after all the neglecting she went through she still adores humans!


Residencia update: 24 reasons why we are happy to pick up shit.....

In the year the residencia has opened, we have been able to provide a temporary and safe shelter to a lot of dogs from different foundations in Spain and abroad. The people from these foundations try to save as many “death row” dogs from the perreras and are looking for temporary shelters untill these dogs can be adopted. Fortunately more and more people are able to find the residencia so these doggies don’t have to go play at the other end of the “rainbow bridge” but can have a shot at a new and better life at this side of the bridge.
Among the happy few were 23 dogs that Scooby rescued directly from the perreras, which is a good thing, otherwise they would have been waiting on the other side of the famous bridge for their worthless master.. In my opinion not a good thing, since he was the one putting them there in the first place!

The first ones coming in from the perrera in Simancas, were three beauties, galgas named Perla, Nieve and Princessa, dropped there by the same boss, incredible, but all three were reserved very quickly by a French foundation, they were adopted straight away and live their life in luxury as it should be! 

Then Tom came, from the perrera in Salamanca, really a beautiful white/beige galgo, a little timid but with some loving attention his selfesteem came back again little by little. Dear Tom left quickly for France as well, where he is being adored by a sweet family and he really deserves nothing else!

And  Sarah, a beautiful galga/pointer mix that came from the perrera in Simancas. She is about 5 years old but she will still be able to give you about 10 years of real dog loyalty and friendship. She really doesn’t like to be in a kennel and that is why we are urgently looking for a great family that will be able to give her a much better life. We know that family exists but they probably never heard of Sarah.. so here she is!

Mora, a beautiful black galga, we had removed from the perrera in Salamanca. She was very traumatized and completely panicked when we tried to put a collar with a leash on her, but now she has been adopted in France and she is doing a lot better now.
We found three more in the perrera in Simancas, a beautiful long haired brindle male (shame on me, I forgot his name), Noah, a dramatically skinny galga, and Fuego, very thin but also very beautiful and a bit timid. The long haired male already left for France and  Noah and Fuego are heading the same way in September.

Shortly afterward that damned perrera in Simancas had another 5. Exquisitly beautiful galga’s, all 5 of them, Chistera, Jewel, Bijou, Chantelle and Aphrodite. No wonder these beauties left for France very quickly and are having a wonderful life there now. The next two victims from Simancas were Elise and Freekles. Their boss was a bullfighter and did not want them anymore. Elise was a truly magnificent galgamix with beautiful long hair who was adopted very quickly and Freekles is now also a resident in France.

Things got  little quieter in the Simancas perrera and we were able to save Flamenca from a certain death. A very sweet and beautiful female who found her warm bed in the Netherlands already. A few weeks later they had 2 again at the same time. Yago, a super sweet dog and Flecha, a girl just as sweet. Both are moving to Italy very soon where Flecha is eagerly anticipated by a family that wants to adopt her, and for Yago a home is being searched.

A few weeks ago another three were found in the perrera in Simancas, Tequila and Fiesta, two precious galga girls, and Turrón, a beautiful black and white galgo male. All three of them are taking a bus trip to Italy shortly where they will enjoy the rest of their lives, as they should be.

The people who send these precious dogs to the perreras to be killed are ruthless people and completely out of their minds.
If for these galgo’s the day has come to cross that rainbow bridge, they will not have to wait on the other side for their worthless old masters to arrive, but they can wait there, happily wagging their tails, for their last masters, the ones that treated them with kindness and love, took care of them and the ones that gave them the life they deserved. What could be better?




Mimo is a dog who came from Scooby Zamora, together with other companions (you can read about them in an article on this blog, too http://scoobymedina.blogspot.de/2012/06/scared-ones-of-zamora.html

He had had zero socialisation with people, was very very scared too but little by little his fears went away (some more than others) thanks to the work of several dog trainers. In Mimo’s case, when you look at him he stoops, which is a sign of submission and cut-off, to appease the human whose intentions are unclear to him.

His recovery, as you can see in the pictures, has been spectacular, he is a very sweet dog now we have convinced him that not all humans are that bad. He is about 4 years old, he has learned to accept a leash and to be taken for a walk, and he allows himself to be handled by the volunteers perfectly. He will need a family that will follow up this socialisation process which we started a year ago to get him accustomed to other situations without forcing him, more like getting him used to other situations bit by bit. If you want to adopt him contact info@scoobymedina.com.



Scooby in the Dutch television!


The story about Scooby is quite in the beginning.
It is mainly in Dutch but the interview with Fermín is in English!


A new sweetheart for Virtual Adoption

Rex suffers from Epilepsy with continuing fits despite of the medication he gets. For that reason it will be difficult to find a suitable home for him, although temperamentally and visually he is a dream of a dog. Here at Scooby he is living as young bloke in the old dog´s home but is behaving perfectly towards the elderly inmates. If you´d support us covering the costs for Rex´ food and medication with adopting him virtually that would be great!


Scooby on the televisionprogram 3 Op Reis (3 on Tour) by BNN

Last august we got an email from the travel program “3 Op Reis” by BNN, that they were doing a tour of all European states and they wanted to visit Scooby so they could do an item on animal abuse in Spain. For a long while we thought it was a joke, but when Dennis Storm and his crew got out of the car one week later, it was actually for real! Wow, media attention for animal abuse in Spain and publicity for Scooby!
In general about 750.000 people watch the program on TV and on Facebook they have almost 24,000 followers. So, even when this will help just one of our animals being adopted, every little bit helps.

After meeting the crew and their amazement on the size of Scooby and the fact they found Dutch people spending their “holiday” on Spain’s mainland, they started working to get the program made.

Presenter Dennis and editor Daan went to prepare things and we showed director Ruud and cameraman Marnix the Scooby grounds. All kinds of shots were made of the various paddocks and different dogs. Marnix even climbed the roof of one of the doghouses, putting his own life at risk but that way he could get a good shot of the complete Scooby grounds!
A little while later, Dennis interviewed Fermin, everything went very smooth since Fermin is so used to these kind of things, he’s almost a pro, and after the interview Fermin went out again and left the rest to us.

When I showed Dennis the quarantine area, where a lot of galgos were at the time, he honestly admitted these were not his kind of dogs, but when we told him that a lot of different breeds were being “dumped” at Scooby, like Podencos, Cocker Spaniel, shepherds and a lot of mixes, I saw a twinkle in his eyes because shepherds and shepherd mixes, those were his favourites he said.
They took shots of a lot of different places, with the oldies, the pups, the cats, and then Dennis asked if he could interview us!!  Ehh.. yes.. of course!
They made an introductory film of us feeding the dogs and then they interviewed us. We did not even have time to get nervous, but of course now we are wondering if we are looking OK in the film... and what they are going to show of it on television. But hey, whatever they are going to do, it was a very nice experience!

And our wish that through this program we could have a dog adopted has already come through. Dennis himself has adopted a very nice shepherd/podenco mix, Scruffy!

BNN’s 3 Op Reis is being broadcasted on the 7th of October at 19.50 on station Nederland 3
Johan and Jacinta
BNN’s 3 Op Reis is being broadcasted weekly on Nederland 3, sunday night at 19.50.