A wall for the human females

Lately we were discussing about the fact that we have too few volunteers coming to Scooby during the cold months from November to February and Fermín asked what we could do increase the comfort for them. Being a woman myself and having spent several times at Scooby in winter I said that for me it is always quite a challenge to come in from the cold outside and then completely undress in the ice-cold bathroom for taking a ( badly needed) shower. And another one to stir out again, leaving the warm vapour behind the shower curtain ;-) And that our bathroom is far too big to increase the temperature to feelgood factor within a short while.  A solution was quickly found, a wall to separate the toilet, shower and washbasin. The very next day Fermín asked the workers to do it and now it is already finished. A man of his word!
So you see, we don´t only care for our animals but also for the people dedicated to them!


A dialogue between dogs.

I  would like to tell you about one of the usual dialogues between two dogs from our shelter.

Juan.- Hey Andrés, you look like the worst thing around here.
Andrés.- Why, you look like you are the worst yourself?
Juan.- no, you are the worst off around here, you are a male, mixed breed, black and soon they will take off your balls. 
Andrés.-  But you are a male and a mixed breed yourself, and having your balls cut off doesn’t matter, they told me the one doing it is doing a good job and it won’t hurt a bit.
Juan.- Whether it hurts or doesn't hurt is just a way of talking, but your problem is that you are also black and a little escape artist, your only destiny  is to end your days in the oldies’ courtyard without having known a home all your life.
Andrés.- Juan don’t talk to me like this, you are getting me all depressed, I’m way better off here than when I was on the streets, but I would like to have my own master and some company but not so many companions as we have here. 
Juan.- The truth is that I don’t understand these humans, it’s not our fault that we are of mixed breed, although I have heard that the greyhound males also have problems, especially when they’re black like you.
Andrés. – What can we do? I would love to get out of here one day, have my runnings, my walkies, a human who gives me belly rubs.  .
Juan.- I think what we have to do is howl louder than anyone out here, after all it is not our fault that we were born, but the liability of the human who didn’t care to sterilize our mother, that’s why we came into this world in the first place. 
Andrés .- That’s a good idea, let’s get started rightaway, Lola, Pepe, Matilde are joining us, we are going to make ourselves heard.
Which is why approximately three times a day all our shelter dogs are beginning to howl, you know what they are saying? It is another doggy dialogue.


Visiting Scooby again

A small English volunteer group has just returned from the Scooby shelter, in Medina del Campo.  We did our usual chores of cleaning, feeding, nursing the sick and frightened, comforting the traumatised and socialising the puppies abandoned at the shelter, as well as encouraging the cheeky and the playful.  Several of us have light bruises in places we cannot mention or finished the clean up with chewed mop handles!!

We were grateful to friends of the one of the volunteers who donated money towards supplies of Manuka honey, the “healing honey”.  We took several jars with us and set to work using it to tend injuries on some of the residents.  Thank you very much to the donors, this was greatly appreciated.

Amongst the residents, we came across 2 greyhounds with English earmarks. How had they wound up in the Scooby shelter?  The ear tattoos were only partially legible.  We were able to trace the first part of the tattoo via the internet only to discover that the poor greyhounds must have been sold to an owner in Spain and transferred officially to them, only for the greyhounds to be ultimately taken in by Scooby.  It is so sad and frustrating that the significant overbreeding in the greyhound industries means that that these beautiful and sensitive dogs end up being abandoned.  Luckily, Scooby will work hard to find them a loving home amongst its network.


Draft stopper for doll´s house abandoned in Medina

Last Sunday Fermin received a phone call from Medina, there was puppy found abandoned. He went there to pick it up immediately and the little girl has a very funny proportion of body length to leg length, what looks as sweet as can be.
How can anybody leave such a tiny baby alone to the rain and cold and hunger when it is absolutely clear that there is no chance to survive for this poor thing? These were Fermin´s words when carried the little thing on his arms through the gate…
But…she must have a big guardian angel, who first took care for her rescue by us and now already made people fall in love with her who are already waiting for her to travel into a loving home!


Platon - Abandoned, skinny, saved

Last week we got one of these well known phone calls from Salamanca. There was a straying  Mastin, so we went on a 2,5 hours trip to the very end of the region Salamanca to pick him up. And here he is, a beautiful young boy, not older than 2 years probably, far too skinny but now save at Scooby.
Nilcelio gave him a huge tin of food and also some dry food and the poor boy was soooo hungry. Although I spent only a short while with him, he already stood at the fence when I left, like asking me to stay for some more cuddles. Something he probably didn´t know but liked a lot!
The very next day he welcomed me with a wag of his tail as if we were old friends. I am sure he will make a wonderful pet and it would be wonderful if he could get more and more and more cuddles!


Introduced with video – Laszlo and Melly

This is a short summary of the Dutch originals!
And so this is Laszlo, a mega shepherd or shepherd mix. Laszlo is found
together with this doggy here with me Melly.
What can i tell you about Laszlo...... : he is a very sweet big teddy bear
and he will use his weight sometimes when he leans
on you haha.. Anyway that's not bad, right ? The only thing that Laszlo
does not like is grooming. But with many treats you can learn him that that
is nice. Laszlo is a sweet dog but he needs a strong boss and not just for
taking him out. He often takes your hand in his mouth and then you have to
walk around with him, but now he will not do in no haha... A lot of
shepherd do that! He needs a home where there is a garden and a female dog
and yes lots of love also. He has lots of love to give and wants to receive it
also. So who gives this big, strong but sweet dog a forever home ?? So
Laszlo let´s hope for a bright future!!

Ok here is Melly and yes she is the best friend from Laslzo. They where
found together some time ago. So if you see Melly you will see Laszlo and
vice versa. And oh here is Emmy haha.. Ok but now back to Melly, Melly is a
very gentle dog, the only thing she wants is to cuddle. In her new home she
would like to go out for a walk and run a little bit and also maybe a
garden, but she can also be very quiet. It is a very easy dog and i also
think that she can be a beginner dog. She is very good with other dogs as
you can see. Melly is just sweet and if she wants to jump up she will do it
gently. There is nothing negative to say about her. So if you are looking
for a cozy, sweet, gentle dog that likes to walk, well, I think Melly would
be happy living with you. Ok and Melly has something to say.
Hello I am Melly and I am waiting for you.....



On sunday the 28th of october we had organized the sixth walk with galgos, and we occupied the streets of Valladolid with our Scooby dogs, accompanied by a lot of people with their own pets. Herewith we would like to thank them for supporting us that day. The object of this dogwalk to make people conscious of the fact that there are still a lot of abused and neglected animals waiting at Scooby, waiting to be adopted and at last being able to live in a home where they will be loved by their new owners.