Ferdinand, Ferdi for friends, is looking for a home!

He's a couple of eyes on a skeleton, an old boy, with  difficult days in his past and  glorious days waiting for him.
Was found abandoned, in bad conditions, skinny and sick.
He's recovering well, gaining weight and energy in a volunteer's home, but once recovered he will have to return in a paddock, and we hope to find him a home before.
He's just perfect, cuddly, obedient, goes out to do his business (except when you do not open the door when he warns), gets along very well with the other galgos males and females, loves the mini dogs, is super ok with cats, and has a special feeling with the worst dog of the house.
Ferdi has at least 8 years, his spleen has been removed, his examinations and blood tests are good, just needs to regain weight and confidence.
You'll love him, we are sure, he is of a disarming sweetness.
The perfect boy, don't miss him.


Irresponsible owners

There are things that make us angry,  and things that make us angry very much.
Some months ago a family arrived at our shelter with the intention of adopting a small puppy called Noel.
They fell in love with him and couldn't wait to take him home.
It all seemed great, the perfect family, until this morning.
This morning we received a call from the owner who told us they had a dog they adopted from us and if they could return him. As simple as that.
So then she begins to tell us that the dog is a bad dog, it bites everything, it won't be quiet, still does its business inside the house and it won't be trained and they no longer want it.
So we take into account straightaway that this is part of the deal when you take a puppy: it bites, destroys, isn't housebroken yet, jumps, plays, right. It's a puppy, this is perfectly normal.
When we tried to explain that this is logical behaviour she changed tactics, claiming that now she worked longer hours so no one could take the dog out to the street.
So how was she supposed to teach a dog not to do its business in the house when it COULD NOT GO OUT ON THE STREET?
In the end she could have left it at that as this was tiresome enough, but no.
The second part was that she inquired whether she could change the dog for a smaller one.
It seems like a joke but it's not. This lady didn't want to take care of Noel and wants to return him for being a bad dog but a smaller puppy wouldn't present any problems.
Some people are just unbelievable. Unbelievable and totally irresponsible.
Now poor Noel is doing very badly, he couldn't stop looking at the door after this lady left him here and when we took him to the office alone he was completely lost.
It rips our heart seeing him in the patio trembling and utterly shocked.
Despite our anger and frustration we now want to find a truly good family who is responsible and aware of what adopting and raising a puppy entails.
We must stress that Noel is a very good and perfectly normal dog.
Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows this.
We ask for your help as it is very urgent for Noel to find a place outside the shelter.
These photos were taken just minutes after he was surrendered back to the shelter.
They speak for themselves.
For the second time in his life this puppy has learnt what it means to be ABANDONED.


Do you remember Pedrito?

For sure, who would forget such a face? ;-)
Last time we told you about Pedrito he was on his way to Madrid to have his paw operated in an emergency. One of his hind legs was completely destroyed, probably after a collision with a car.
Today he got out of the "Clinica Mediterránea" to be fostered by a family for a few days.
Of course he installed himself on the sofa first thing.
He can only stay with his foster family for a very short time, meaning he would have to go back to the shelter soon. But we don´t want him to lead a life in a refuge after all the suffering he had to endure.
Pedrito needs a home of his own urgently, a family that loves him despite of his three-legs only. It goes without saying that his new home needs to have an enormous sofa.


In the distance, always with Scooby !!!

The people at Scooby always try to thank you all for every help we receive. This time we want to show our gratitude to a number of people who fill our feed storage room for a few days ensuring food for our dogs. All this is possible thanks to the efforts of extraordinary people with such a great heart that they give anything to help our furry and lovely animals. Among them is Laura Bakker, Lucy Elenbaas, Vanessa Petro, and the members of the association Galgos L'Ardenne Les Bleu. Special mention to the drivers at BSS HORSE Transport Company Bv, who make a more than 20 hours long trip to bring 9,000 kilos of feed to our facility in Medina del Campo. My apologies, if I forget to mention somebody, but know that I equally appreciate all the effort and work you carry out for our animals.
Many are those who in one way or another collaborate very actively with the maintenance of Scooby, but today we have thought necessary to mention this extraordinary people, who even though are at a great distance from Scooby, their heart is with our animals here at Scooby.
Thank you, thank you and thank you, I will never be able to thank you enough for all your efforts.



We are looking for a home for Jimena

Jimena is already in Madrid in foster care, waiting patiently for
   her operation. Within the next days her treatment will come to an
   end. The "Clinica Mediterránea" straightened out her paw, and we
   hope that she will recover from her treatment in no time. The moment
   she does, she will need a home of her own. We are convinced that
   there is a family out there that would love to offer her a cosy spot
   on the sofa and adopt her. Her foster family told us that she fell
   in love with their sofa instantly and hardly wants to leave it. It
   would be great if she found a family that would spoil her to bits.
   Jimena is a special Galga, believe me and adopt her! 

Shops donating to Scooby.

We want to thank all those establishments that continuously think of our pets at Scooby and give us bread, cheese and fruit to profit the food that costs us so much to get.
In this moment, more than ever, we need help, collaboration and solidarity of people. We get more and more animals every day so, food last in shelter less and less.
Our stock of food is lowering quickly and alarmingly with the increasing population in Scooby so  donation of these products is a big relief.
We want to encourage all institutions to join and support Scooby and, of course, we want to show openly those who anonymously are saving us: we should pay special tribute to the bakery Raul de Rueda, who gives us bread 2 or 3 times a week, you are wonderful!!
We also received invaluable help from Obrador Castellano in Laguna del Duero, La Gloria of Polígono de San Cristobal,  Bakery Santovenia de Pisuerga, cheese factory "Mamá Vaca" and  "Fruits Eloy" of Medina del Campo.
All our dogs for adoption, greyhounds and mixes, our cats and all the animals of Sanctuary will give thanks to you!!!


Help for Mini Ebolita.

We need your help to fund treatment of Mini Ebolita.
A few days ago some guys found this puppy abandoned and brought it to our facilities in Medina. You can see the state she´s in. She suffers from advanced mange, pyoderma and she is also undernourished. Imagine what she must have gone through to get to this point. When you approach to pet her she lies upside down like begging you not to hurt her, so it is not hard to guess what kind of life she has had to bear before coming to us. Nevertheless, as one pets her a bit and earns her trust, she is really affectionate. She has such a look that steals your heart.

As we have said in other occasions, our clinic is fully saturated and we have to face many other cases. That is why we need your help to help us pay for Mini Ebolita’s treatment. We will need to cover the price of antibiotics, Ivermectin, vitamins and special food for her skin. We want her to recover as soon and efficiently as possible so that she can be ready to find a permanent home where she can feel loved and where she can give love too. She is such a good one.

Can you help Mini Ebolita?
* Become member of our team for only 1€/ month: https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
* Make a Donation:
* You can also donate medicines.
* Spread the word and tell her story to receive more help.

Many thanks!