The 28th of january was the first time that we saw Penny, I was walking with my dog Lola and she was hidden in the low bushes. When we saw this little precious galga and found she was on her own we decided to do everything possible to save her, but we didn’t know how hard she was going to make it for us.
Every day Lola and me brought her food, mornings, afternoons and evening, but like always in these cases Penny was very afraid of humans, she did not come close but she followed Lola around wherever she went. After a few weeks we managed to hand feed Penny but she was very quick, she did not let herself be touched, let alone be put on a leash.  She followed us to the entrance of our home but finally there she did not come in but she sat down waiting until she went back to her place in the bushes.  The days went by with rain, snow, a lot of cold and she was there outside, trembling and hiding.  A lot of neighbours started to feed her as well, she played with the dogs, she was happy to see us but there was just no way to catch her, even though we tried many times.

Until the 4th of march, she put herself in the yard of a neighbour who had more dogs, she resisted a bit and became very nervous because she did not know our intentions. In the end all she knew of human beings was that they hit her, but when she found out that we would only pet her, she became more relaxed. Little by little we are showing her that there are good people and that we can make her happy, would you like to show her?