The sad story of Jessy

Everything started in the perrera, where Jessy came when she was still a baby. There she had to wait until somebody noticed her, she was easily adopted because she was a small and lovely puppy.
Her new owner took her to his house and we don’t know how he treated her but judging from the way she behaves, Jessy has been abused. When she hears a hard sound, she starts to tremble, when she does something wrong and you tell her “NO” she looks at you with frightened eyes, bowing her head and putting her tail between her legs as if she is waiting to be beaten,  so when you see her like that you want to ask for forgiveness and pet her to let her know nothing is wrong.  When you call her, she comes with her backside low to the ground, peeing, when she sees you with something in your hand that she doesn’t know, she trembles. This and many things more made us aware that Jessy’s life hasn’t been so good, but even so she stayed loyal to her boss, so loyal that when her boss died she loved him so much that she stayed stretched out to his dead body, waiting for somebody to find them. It took 3 days for them to be found, 3 days in which she never left his side; she was always next to him, her little body next to his during these days seemingly without an end, waiting for someone to find them. And when they finally did, she did not understand why they took her boss away and left her alone, helplessly, which made her feel miserable. Nobody wanted to take care of her so it was like she was reliving her childhood, again alone and left behind.
When Scooby was told about this terrible story, we never doubted a minute to offer our refuge and our efforts to find her a definite home where she can finally be happy, once and for all.