What I was doing yesterday, Bonnie and Clyde update.

Ok we went to Salamanca Dani, Hesse and me trying to catch Clydie , by the way both are females, we went with our anesthetic rifle , we tried and tried and we could not catch the girl, she is too intelligent for a dog trap, in fact she is able to get the food from outside with her leg, in the area close to a gipsy place , we found an skeleton of a galgo with a rope so ……, use your imagination, while Dani and Hesse were trying to catch her I went to the police station for getting a ferret that was found, by the way they kept me one hour waiting , what I find really absolutely rude and a lack of respect for myself and we got a little kitten so three animals in one day and it is more or less the same every day, the situation in Salamanca is becoming impossible we are rescuing a huge amount of animals over there and while it happens , it seems that the people from Salamanca don’t know our work and they prefer to support organizations from there, so I am thinking that Scooby will probably leave Salamanca for the Salmantinos, if we are not able to find supporters over there, it is really annoying that at any moment when we want to do something we need to count with volunteers from EL Hocico because we are not able to find volunteers there, even thinking that we are doing the major rescue efforts there.
Anyway coming back to what is really important we will keep trying to catch her, let’s see who is more intelligent she or us. Kisses , licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín

Good news for a change , the owner of the ferret has appeared.


Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are inseparable, but now not anymore, and there is a little
pain to know Clyde somewhere there outside without her.
They lived for two months eating junk, unable to let them being helped as it often
happens to the galgos unfortunately.
At the end, due to too hunger and with a good dose of luck, but especially due
to the stubbornness of a guy from Zamora who went to look
for her at sunrise and finding her still sleepy, we were able to bring home Bonnie!

Bonnie has a sly face, while about Clyde we still know little, except that he
has learned to escape from the cage-trap and always leaves us inconclusive.

But we do not give up and at dawn we will still be out there, this time
equipped with anesthetic, to try to take it home, safe, and above all to
his Bonnie!
If you would like more information about Bonnie please contact us at simonetta@scoobymedina.com


The Scooby way of life

I am going to tell you how the whole board of Scooby we think about animal welfare, I am doing it but I am sure that all of us we can sign this words, ok now I am going to start telling you the histories of our dear handicapped dogs Aaron, Raquel, Faith, Joya and the male without name, they came to Scooby with several problems , mainly fractures but not only that and what we did , straight away we repair their legs, without asking ourselves , how much it is going to cost and if we have money or not to pay this, ok now their legs are almost fixed, we need to do another surgery and X rays and things like that and now is my time to ask you very kindly, could you be so kind to contribute towards the enormous expenses that we had with them , I am going to start begging in the corner one of these days, no I am sure that you will help us, by the way we will keep updating the situation of all of them on our page and Facebook page, this is us , first the animals ,later the money, we are doing a wonderful job , I am really proud of all the scooby team and after we tried to publicize our work, you know it is a pity but we need money to keep going and helping more and more animals , well all of us we need money to stay alive. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín 


Murdered dog

It is incredible how cruel the human race can be sometimes. It is true that sometimes at Scooby we see cases of abuse or we find dead dogs, but we are still upset when we do. Today we have to tell you about the case of a dog that, according to the vet that did the autopsy, was killed by a blow to the head with a metal object.
But let’s start at the beginning:
Late 3rd of july, Maria who lives in Doninos de Salamanca reports that a neighbours dog got into her yard together with her own dog and the two of them were  in a terrible fight and when she tried to separate them she suffered several wounds. The same dog had attacked her daughter the year before.  So immediately she went to the Guardia Civil station in Santa Marta de Tormes to report the case.
Days later, the 15th of July to be precise, Maria notices that the car on her property has a flat tyre on the rear right side, probably punctured with a sharp object. Her daughter owns a dog of cinnamon color that can hardly walk, but on july 17th other neighbours report that the dog is dead on the sidewalk, surrounded by a pool of blood. They immediately take it to the vet who, after the autopsy tells them that the dog has died of a blow to the head with a metal object.
Maria and her daughter then hurry back to the Guardia Civil to report this because they are sure that the person who did this must have been their neighbour, that they are afraid of her and the damage she can do to their vehicles and therefore they ask for a restraining order.

This is a sad and outrageous story that Maria tells us. From here we would want to give her all our support. Dear friends, I would like to encourage to report all those that abuse their animals but also all the abuse the animals of other people. Between all of us we will have to try and end these atrocities and prevent that anybody will have to go through this again.


Lillibeth, ordinary story of an abandoned dog - part 1

Lillibeth was found some days ago, lost somewhere in the streets of
For sure she has passed a long time by herself, or she has had a bad owner.
She's in terrible conditions, she is skinny and the fur is so dirty and
ruffled that it starts to tangle on itself to detach from the skin leaving
naked areas, wounds and sores. She walks very bad because of this,
fur is growing wild on her legs and gives her pain, the tail is almost
naked, the fur was ripped off the body by the same dirt and stuck fur,
it is incredible to explain.
We have to proceed with care with her, because she's in pain.
She's on treatment now, and as first step we have freed her small tail.
It took a couple of hours only to find it and under the mess we found a lovely pink tail!
A short bath and a good dinner, and soon to bed small Lillibeth.
One thing is  for sure, she's an adorable sweetheart, we worked with her for
hours and she never protested.
Next step tomorrow.
We will keep you informed.
If you are interested in Lillibeth´ adoption or to help with her recovery,
please contact us at simonetta@scoobymedina.com