My name is Pinocchio. A year ago I came to Scooby Zamora. I cannot remember what happened to me, only that I was very sick. My hair was patchy and I had bald spots all over my back. I looked very ugly, despite all the care and pampering I was getting from my caretakers and all their sweet words, telling me how handsome and beautiful I was (they were not looking my outside, but my inside). And, really even in those times I did not realize, I'm beautiful!,  that was not comfort enough...
At the beginning, I felt as if the other dogs looked at me askance and I thought they were laughing at me, which was making me so sad, I just wanted to be alone in my little corner.  All they wanted really was to approach me and make me feel that here, in Scooby, I would always be surrounded by good friends and nobody would hurt me.
Little by little I have begun to regain confidence, my hair has grown strong and lush and I confess I like eating a lot... My eyes are always bigger than my stomach! And it seems like I've become the sheep of Scooby Zamora, I mean I'm the BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING SCOOBY'S SHEEP!!
Do you want to adopt me?