SENA – 4,5 years at Scooby!!!

Please! We are desperate! Sena has been living with us at Scooby Zamora for 4,5 years and nobody, absolutely nobody has asked for her. So sad.. She is our longest resident; not something to be proud off unfortunately. But for Sena, Scooby is her home, her ‘wonderful world’. Scooby is all she knows and all she can remember. But there has to be a better place out there! A place where her many friends have gone over the past 4,5 years. A place where she will have a special person she can depend on, with a friend she doesn’t have to say goodbye to. But where? Do you know? Can you find her forever home?

Watch her movie, SHARE her movie and please help us find her forever home. Thank you!

If you can not adopt Sena, please support us financially to maintain Sena for the time she has left in Scooby.



This galguita was picked up by us two years ago but she managed to escape from the shelter.
She is the most elusive galga we have ever come across. Last year, we almost got her, but only managed to rescue her pups as they crossed the road behind her.  A few days ago we received some news from her again. She'd had  another litter of puppies and was living in a house in ruins in the residential area of Las Salinas, near Medina del Campo. It took two days to finally rescue her (it was not easy!) but Fermín finally managed to.
Now, the whole family are at Scooby safe and sound, and placed in a safe place with a roof so that this little escapist won´t get away again!


MIKI and his blanket

If Miki was telling this story he would have told you that he came, saw and concurred his blanket! But.. although Miki really wanted it to be his blanket, Silvio disagreed. Miki pulled and pulled, trying to take it with him, but Silvio came, sat and lay down on the blanket. Not to move again. Poor Miki, all he could now do is share..
Miki will celebrate his one year anniversary in Scooby soon. He would love nothing more than to have a loving family of his own by then, with his own basket and of course his very own blanket!
Miki is four years old, happy, playful and a little shy with new people. Could you help us find a nice home for this stunning big boy? Thank you so much!

Here a video of Miki and ‘his’ blanket:



In recent days the police have dismantled a criminal organization that earned a living to dog fights in Tenerife. Most were stolen animals, that were trained and fed with smaller dogs. A veterinarian that was in the know could have provided them with substances to increase their fierceness and strength. Some of them have been sacrificed for their level of aggressiveness.
Also in Alicante a man has died after been attacked by 5 dogs. The police were aware of previous assaults of these animals which lacked of documentation. They have been sacrificed.
We believe that some humans are those who should be qualified as Potentially Dangerous. These dogs that appear in the photos are STORM, PIN, PON, BERNABETH and OLMILLO, and they live together with many dogs of other breeds in perfect harmony in Scooby. The only difference with the others is that in addition to the abandonment, they suffer from the stigma of being considered dangerous, when the real danger are the humans who educate and mistreat them to become murderers. They are victims of CRIMINALS and POTENTIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE humans.
Consider adopting one of our POTENTIALLY LOVING PUPPIES http://bit.ly/2ee3j2V


One person can change history.

Often I tell my students that changing the world is in our hands and that all change requires but one step. That step was taken years ago when we first photographed galgos hanging from trees, lifeless. That alone changed the lives of galgos in Spain and I dare say also in other countries. The next step was taken when we reported the case of the galgos that had been thrown into a well - with this, we achieved the first ever conviction in relation to the Spanish galgos' cause.
And it has happened again. This time, it was our friend Lucrecia, who, with the joint collaboration of “El Hocico” (Spanish for “The Snout”) and “Scooby” appealed against the clauses included in the allocation of contracts for animal collection as the criteria for them were mainly financial, and requested for that criteria to primarily take into consideration the welfare of the animals. We won. This victory means this will apply to the whole of Spain, and from now on, the criteria on all allocation contracts for the collection of animlas will need to compulsorily and primarily consider the welfare of the animals instead of financial factors. In the past, the cheapest offers used to always come from pest-control companies for which the wellbeing of the poor stray animals was not their main concern.
In years to come, we will realise the importance of this small act and how one person CAN change history.
Kisses full of joy, Fermín.