As you know, and if you don’t I am telling you now, the collection of abandoned animals in this country is the direct responsibility of the city councils and if the city is very small, it is normally the provincial council  that is responsible for collecting them, either because they have their own dogpound like Valladolid city or because they have a contract with a refuge or a company to do it for them. At Scooby it has always been clear that in those cases in our surrounding area where the collection is being arranged by a company, we will always try to get the contract. And this time it was the city council of Salamanca and we won the contract so during the next year we will be responsible of the collection, which will mean more work, more dogs to find a home for, more support needed from people from both here and abroad, and have dogs adopted from here. I know that for some of you it is more reassuring to adopt from the pound but our dogs also have a right to a home, so please don’t let me down and let me come to the conclusion it might be better that the pound collects the dogs, because it seems that when their end date comes near, all of a sudden more possible adopters are found and I don’t think that is fair. Anyway, so many words to tell you that we have the contract for the city of Salamanca.
Loving kisses, purrs and licks from the animals, Fermin