Lula, a spectacular cat

I am going to present you Lula, who came to us a few months ago with a very strange disease; eveytime she poops by some defect a part of her intestines comes out, it appears that she does not have an anal sphincter that would hold it in, so we had to make sure she would have continuous diarrhea to avoid her having to strain while pooping, if she had to strain just a bit her intestine would come out and we would have to operate her to put it back in.
The solution is, as you can imagine, difficult but is available, we are going to make her an anus and implant it, it’s a very complicated and expensive operation which they are going to do in the veterinary faculty of the University of Zaragoza, we have already send her there and it could very well be that while I am writing this, she is already being operated on, we hope that everything works out but if not at least we tried.
To be able to do things like this, which are really miracles in the world of animal protection, we need your constant help, if you really want us to go on doing this, your help is essential, help us find a home for Lula after her operation, any help is necessary.
Greetings, Fermin