Thank you for the great job...

...dear people at Scooby!

Last Saturday 2 Galgos who arrived at Scooby more or less as skeletons in March were handed over to their new families. And I must confess, I was very of proud of  Scooby and the people who work there. And they work very hard by the way. Physically, but also mentally there is a lot they have to deal with day in day out. But despite of that and one could think what is just one dog among 500, they never think this way, for them still every dog is precious and worth to fight and make extra efforts for. And here you see 2 examples of their dedicated work. 

Merle was just a sight of pity as Zaza  was and both you wouldn´t recognize now if you didn´t know it is the same dog. 

Quote from Zaza´s new mum, a faithful Scooby friend for many many years:
She is incredibly special, never did I dare think that the miserable piece of poor dog in the blue basket could be such a wonderful and fantastic dog. Please give the people in scooby a big hug because the deserve it and I will keep on supporting scooby as they do a wonderful job for the animals.

Now enjoy the pictures showing them after their arrival at Scooby, on the transport arrival and finally in their forever homes!


PRESS RELEASE May 20, 2013

The President of the Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby,Fermín Pérez Martín, received on Sunday
the visit of the President of the National Federation of Galgos, Luis Ángel Herrera Vegas, and the Secretary, Juan Carlos Ramos Martín, at the Scooby facilities in Medina. The goal of this informal meeting was getting closer stances on the galgos. A good
understanding and the pursuit of the animal welfare, will contribute to further meetings with the aim of improving the quality of life for the galgos in Castilla y León and in Spain.

From Scooby we want to thank the Federation to be willing to seek common points addressed to safeguard the rights of our galgos and the commitment to work together to reach points of agreement.


And more chicken...

You know that we want to open the farm at Scooby and use it for educational purposes and one of them is that we learn where our food is coming from, like the eggs and the whole process. This and the fact they have asked me to take up a few poor hens from a chickenbattery, of the egginstrustry, all this makes that we have had our female flying circus grow immensely in quantity, I felt sorry for them because these poor things would have been slaughtered without ever having felt the ground beneath their feet or a male next to them, so I thought that was really sad, so I could not let that happen and now we have them here, and I don’t know if it is because of spring coming near or not, but our rooster just keeps on thanking me for his new companions. Kisses, hugs, bites and an affectionate cock-a-doodle-do



Some other things

We have finished making the corridor to the lower patios, we’re going to put in a door to get there quickly from whatever part of the refuge if need be, and now we are repairing the canopies that give shade, both to the dogs and the people. As you know we are trying to open the refuge to the public and throughout the refuge we have installed six giant moneyboxes so that the visitors when they pass those and feel the need to make a donation to preserve the beautiful things that we have in the refuge, they can do so immediately, they don’t have to wait, we are now starting to make repairs to the lower patios and as you can see we don’t ever stop, and that is a good thing because it means we’re alive!



New stories

Not a long ago I was talking to Enrique about the possibility to get a X-ray machine and he suggested not to, since the trauma cases are rare and therefore we would not require one. Why did I even mention it! It happens to be that we have four trauma cases at the shelter just now. These are four broken legs we have to operate, one of them from a dog that we picked from Zamora, and another from the kennel from Valladolid. The fact is that we have to face, again, four difficult and expensive operations, so I have no other choice but to ask for your help once more (and by the way tell Enrique to be quiet, don’t jinx it). We will be presenting each one of the cases.
And if this is not enough, we have received a very special looking puppy (looks like a Mastin/Australian Shepherd cross) who is absolutely blind! Initially we had certain doubts because it defended very well but Mar, who is temporarily fostering him, has confirmed it, it bumps into everything in the house, trees, chairs, tables. This teaches us once more, that happiness is not to have what you love but to love what you have. It is such a lovely dog, but with a vision problem and its name is Timy. For him we are looking for a loving and suitable home!! Kisses, hugs, licks, loving purrs. Fermin