This is Ebolita

This is Ebolita and she needs your help. She was abandoned when she was only a pup and was suffering from mange. We think that was the reason they left her, or maybe they just got tired of her. We rescued her when she was wandering around the streets, looking  for food, hungry, sick and very scared. Who ever is capable of leaving a defenseless creature like that to its own devices? We can not understand how things like this can happen. Luckily Ebolita has come to us and here at Scooby we will give her the care and treatment she needs. Unfortunately, even after weeks giving her the required medicine, we have not been able to eliminate the mange so we are going to need more tests to see what is wrong. We are not going to turn away and we are going to make sure she get the necessary tests done so she can recuperate as soon as possible and find herself a family that shows her what a real home is like. Do you want to help us to make Ebolita recover?

You can help us by:


The empty box

The story begins many years ago when a man punished his little daughter for having lost a pricey item. That times they didn´t have a lot of money.

It was at Christmas time and the following day the child handed over a present to the father with the words: "This is for you"

The father at first was quite embarrassed but when he noticed the box was empty he became angry. In a harsh voice he said. "Don´t you know that if you make a gift there should be something in it?"

The girl looked at him with her eyes full of tears and replied: There is something in there, the box is full of my kisses for you."

The father felt ashamed, went to his knees, embraced the child and asked for forgiveness.

From now on he always kept the box beside his bed and whenever he didn´t feel good or needed courage he opened the box and took out a kiss.

There is nothing more important to owe!

We wish all of you, our friends, such a box full of love and kisses from your kids, family, friends or pets and we wish you a  


Scooby always there to help

One and a half week after the arrival from the skinny white galgo family with their puppy in the Scooby residencia, there were again
4 galgos in the perrera provincial from Valladolid. So, as before, we couldn´t leave them there and went to take them out of that doomed place and now they are save in the residencia. A few have orange and green feet which means they have been used for hunting but were probably not good enough for their galguero.
That makes in just a few weeks 20 galgos saved from a certain death, thanks to Scooby and your donation.
Please, keep us going there...! Thanks!


Rescue: the orphaned foals of Murcia

In June we went to the rescue of 39 horses in a state of exreme malnutrition on an estate in Murcia. Amongst these 39 horses there were 3 orphaned foals, very weak. Surely their mothers dies because of starvation or disease and these scared little ones were hungry and looking for comfort with each other. When they arrived at the refuge, they were so weak they could not even get up by themselves and so they were not able to reach the food and water. We were seriously worried about their future because it did not look good, but after having them come this far, we could not allow them to die. We had to separate them and started treating them with injected vitamins and a richer food based on straw and alfalfa. It is hard for them but after 6 months we start noticing the results. They don’t deserve what they have been through in their short lives and we cannot understand how a human being can do something that terrible to such noble animals, innocent and helpless. You can see their progress looking at the pictures and see for yourself that these sick and scared animals  that arrived here are slowly changing into three beautiful happy foals.



Here you see Dani and two volunteer vets that have come to help us with the horses. They are busy deparasiting them, vaccinating them and making  echos to see if any female might be pregnant. As you can see, it is not an easy task, they don’t let themselves get caught and run away when you get close. We would like to ask for your help to cover the veterinary costs, you can see the number of vaccins and deparasiting means we need and you will have to add the costs of food and veterinary care when they get sick. It is really urgent! We need your help!