Hmm.. interesting

They inspect us, and we walk, they denounce us and we walk, what nonsense do we have to hear and be taken for fools. Now, after more than 10 years that our pictures are posted on the web, now it is causing an alarm and you have to kill the messenger or at least try to make our life more difficult. Those people are wrong in thinking that way because opposition only makes me stronger and more determined, I will not be intimidated and we will keep on reporting all the cases of animal neglect and abuse that we know about and as authorities it is their responsibility to ensure that this scar in our society comes to an end. If by any chance somebody up there reads this article and wants to do something useful, it is very simple, the only thing that they need to do is to uphold the law, that all animals can be identified after being 3 months old, make sure that dangerous animals are being registered,  that the hunters have less than 5 dogs and if they have more, ensure that they have a license, check on these ethnic minorities that keep their animals in a very sorry state and so on, in short do their work and refrain from trying to intimidate a group of people that is trying to do the best possible job with the limited means they have. That day will come, one day we will be Europe, for the moment we are still being the northern part of Africa. Greetings, Fermin