Hello, my name is Mr Brown and I am a young galgo.  I do not remember when I was born, but as I have heard from some humans, I must be around 12 or 14 months old.
When I came to the shelter I had a little cough, so I spent 15 days in a halfway house to recover. I lived there with two other dogs and two cats and all of us got along very well.
The people I was with in the halfway house said that I am a very special galgo because when I walk, I do it with my tail curled up and moving it from side to side to express my joy. They also say that I am a very sociable dog, loving and obedient and not very skittish for a galgo.
Now I am looking for a home where I can be happy for the rest of my life. I have heard I have a good chance of ending up living in a different European country. I hope that this is true, because I've always wanted to learn other languages and this could be a great opportunity!