A number: 1023

No, it's not this year's Xmas Lottery number... It's the number of animals that have arrived at Scooby in the past 6 months!

AND WHAT NOW? Who helps us make sure the 862 dogs and 161 cats rescued this semester have everything they need?

We all feel relieved to know that these abandoned animals that appear in the streets of our cities and towns will not end up in the municipal pound where no vet assistance is given, the food provided is often just enough to keep them alive and where, if not adopted before the compulsory amount of time was up, would be put to sleep.

"It gives us all peace of mind to know that the little cat or dog that we found in the street and which we cannot take on will end up in a shelter where he/she will receive all the care necessary, wounds will be healed and where they will be operated on in order to save their lives or simply so they can walk and run again... "... It is appeasing to know that volunteers will give those animals love, treats and will try to make their stay at the shelter the best it can possibly be. But mostly, we feel relieved about the fact that they will be able to live there for the rest of their lives if they are not adopted.

A lot of you think that, because we receive money from councils and local governments because we are contracted to provide animal collection services for them, we don't need any more help, but believe us when we tell you that the amount we receive from them doesn't even cover a minimum part of our monthly expenses.
Staff need to be paid (their role is essential if we want to keep as many animals as we do in the best conditions possible), dogs and cats need to be fed daily, vets need to be paid (they cure, vaccinate, chip and neuter all the animals that arrive at the shelter), vet check ups and extra tests for poorly animals or operations for dogs that have been run over for example have to be paid too... Also the specialist care we provide to the 200 animals that live in our Sanctuary (horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens...) comes at a cost! Not to mention the electricity and water bills, taxes, insurance and petrol for our vehicles.

Helping and saving these animals' lives is enormously gratifying for us, but in order to be able to keep doing so, and above all, for them to have the good quality life they deserve, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Sadly around 170 new abandoned animals arrive at Scooby every single month and we cannot do it alone. Please help us, donate as much as you can and allow us to continue helping them!


URGENT IN NEED OF A (FOSTER) HOME!! – Collin & Farrell

Collin and Farrell are very scared!! We had to catch them in a small village near Zamora and it took some time before we caught them. Now they are safe at Scooby but this is not the right place for these traumatized dogs. A busy shelter with too many dogs and loud noises is no place where Collin and Farrell will get better. We do what we can, but look at these poor souls, lying inside the house all day, shaking. They need a home! A real (foster) home, where they can learn to relax, trust people and hopefully start to enjoy life. Can you please help them?! Thank you.
VIDEO of Collin and Farrell:


Scooby’s work at the coalface of an enormous stray dog problem in Spain.

In the first four months of 2017 we have rescued 636 dogs, not all of them came here to the shelter in Medina del Campo, but many of them did. Here in Spain stray dogs are taken from the streets in different ways. It can be done by municipal pounds, mainly in big cities like Madrid, but normally this job is done by private organisations.  They could be animal welfare organisations like us or any other kind of organisation.  Normally the “other kind” are private companies, looking only for money, not caring about animal welfare and trying to do the job in the cheapest possible way to maximise profit.  It means a lack of food, no care, no vet care, 21 days and then euthanasia. We, the Scooby people, from the beginning decided that wherever there could be a chance to take those contracts we would, always trying not to go to too many places so that the situation remains manageable.  This does mean quite a lot of work, lots of paperwork (and the bureaucracy is always increasing) frequent driving to pick up stray dogs who are not always easily approached.  The revenue from the contract does of course contribute but it is still less than one third of our annual income.
Why am I explaining this?   Simply so that you can have an idea about what is going on here and what we confront at the coalface day in and day out:  Four – five  new dogs per day and this is every single day of the year. Among these dogs we receive all kinds of dogs.  We cannot refuse anyone and we don’t selectively rescue, i.e. we do not take only the prettiest or the cutest - easy to home.  We take every dog in need, including newborns abandoned in the streets and countryside.  Here we have dogs that have killed humans the hands of irresponsible and dysfunctional domestic owners, fighting dogs, pregnant bitches and, of course, most of them are adorable dogs looking for a second chance in life.  Our main goal has been always the benefit of them.  Also something we are very clear about is that a cage or confined kennel is not life for anyone, humans or animals. It can be a golden prison but prison it is. So we are absolutely clear that a life in those conditions is not a life and then it is better to be dead, at peace.
And this is the crunch, often a contentious point, this is our euthanasia policy.  We believe that euthanasia has a place in animal welfare. We euthanise dogs that are aggressive to humans and dogs that are aggressive to other dogs.  If a pregnant bitch comes into Scooby, we spay her and we abort the puppies.   All of this is not pleasant but we must be realistic, we cannot accommodate another 6 - 8 dogs and we cannot home them as well as the shelter dogs who are already here.  Not being able to home them and leaving them in a cage or a confined kennel is not a life.  We have seen so many dogs going crazy in confinement in a kennel that we just don´t want to see it with our dogs.
We realise this is contentious and not everyone will agree.  We are of the opinion that this is the kindest approach and it is part of welfare.  Every member of staff and volunteer is made aware of our policy before they come to Scooby.  We recognise that we may lose supporters who do not agree with our policy.  While we are sorry to lose potential help, donations and people who could contribute to changing life in Spain for animals, then so be it because we have to think of the dogs and the bigger picture.  For those supporters who respect our euthanasia policy and continue to be advocates for the shelter, sending us equipment and items for the dogs, we are extremely grateful. 


Four months into 2017 Scooby has collected 636 dogs in Castilla y León

The number of dogs that have arrived at the shelter between January and April has practically doubled in comparison to the same period last year. If this continues, by the end of 2017 Scooby would be home to more than 800 dogs, a number Scooby would not be able to care for due to a lack of resources.
Between January and April 2017, Scooby have collected 636 dogs and 104 cats: 233 in Medina del Campo, 149 in Zamora, 102 in Palencia, 117 in Salamanca, 33 in Valladolid and 2 in Cuellar. That's nearly double the amount of  dogs collected the previous year,  fact that has made us raise the alarm.
Even though the number of adoptions has also increased (488 adoption between Jan-April) at present we have 150 more dogs than we had in January living at Scooby. If abandonment continues at this rate, by the end of 2017 our shelters will be homing around 800 dogs for which we do not have the facilities, space or resources.
Awareness and control by the administration: the only solution.
The solution to this situation lies on raising  awareness around the need of neutering pets to avoid unwanted litters and on strict control measures with regards to pet ownership. But in order to do so, we demand the help of the administration.
The abandonment of dogs is a big issue in Castilla  y León, and despite the never-ending hard work shelters put in, this will not end until that part of the population who breeds uncontrollably and abandons becomes aware of the damage they are causing.
Volunteering and help.
In order to tackle and face such high numbers of abandonment, here at Scooby we are asking you for help, either by becoming a volunteer or by making a  regular or one-off donation. We are also appealing for all those considering getting a dog to adopt rather than buy.


Open letter to the animal protection organisations in Castilla y Leon

Dear friends, it seems like the joint operation is gaining strength, or at least it is what is being said. Lately we have seen things like a farmer in Valladolid who one by one wins competitions of picking up stray animals in various provinces in Castilla y Leon. On the other hand it is you that do all the work to get these animals adopted, because this person does not even have a webpage to assist in finding these animals a home. A lot of times you ask us to take care of these collections, but we really cannot do all these by ourselves. We are convinced that together we are stronger and therefore we suggest we join forces and set up federations, on provincial or regional level so that between all of us we can get rid of people who only take advantage of the animals.   Regardless of personal quarrels, we are convinced we should all work together. If you agree, send us a private message and we will start working something out. Regards to all.


Shearing day at Scooby

Our 45 sheep are now ready to face the heat. After a  hard day's work, we all  feel exhausted, both us and the sheep, who get really nervous during the process. But all has gone well and they are now clean and cool, ready to face the summer. As you know, temperatures here can reach over 40º C
All of them have been rescued from the cattle industry or have been seized after reports of neglect. They now live at Scooby permanently , away from exploitation, and will do so till their lives come to an end.
Will you help us carry on working for them?

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