And we don't have a great feeling of self-importance

At this moment we are rescuing all the galgos from many many perreras all over Spain like Merida, several times, in fact whenever Ana has too many galgos we go there and we rescue all of them, Tomelloso in Castilla La mancha, of course from Valladolid you have already seen some of the dogs that we rescued from there, Talavera  de la Reina and Toledo , we are receiving dogs from Murcia, now we will go to Jerez to take some dogs from Maribel, it means that whenever there is a galgo in need, scooby is there helping and we can only do it because of your support, if we have a single space we will not let down a galgo in this country, after that, we will ask you to help us with the invoices or with the rehoming but obviously we cannot allow that a dog dies while we have a space, and this is a compromise that I personally have with the galgos.
And apart from that all the galgos that we have rescued due to the agreement with the regional federation of galgos, we have received many from good galgueros from different places, so that agreement is making something good for the galgos, but we still expect lot more.
 Now something completely different , while I was speaking with somebody in the south because they need help with their galgos, she told me something that made me think, she told me if we rescue all the galgos or only certain ones and like all of you know, I told her that all of them and I asked her why she was asking me that, and she told me that our friends from FBM now they are rescuing only females and I can understand why, it is because their organizations  in Europe rehoming galgos are rehoming mainly bitches and I am sorry but I think that everybody should make an effort to rehome also males and even black males, what kind of animal lovers we will be if we leave the poor males behind , and this is why I am asking you to make an effort , to make a big effort and to rehome males, I know that males, we can be more difficult sometimes but in the most of the cases we are simply adorable , we are so silly , our brain is so short that nobody can blame us because simply we are not responsible, because we are not intelligent enough for example today my Tino when I have gone outside he had peed in the porch instead of doing it outside so I needed to punish him, but even in these cases he is adorable. We don’t want to reach the point that we need to say no to males and black dogs and this is why I am writing this all the galgos need to have a chance, the males and the black dogs also suffer with the galgueros so they also deserve a place in our hearts. Kisses, bites and loving licks. Fermín


The miracle of life

Last Sunday, life started promising at Scooby, a new inhabitant was born, a lanky colt that raised its head at the first rays of sun as if to say welcome to this world.

The mystery of life is wonderful, whichever way we look at it, if it is a chuck, a pup, a foal or a little baby. It is simply wonderful to see the way the mother acts around her offspring, you can see the proof in the pictures that come with this article. The gentleness with which the mother cares for and protects her baby, how she cares, caresses it, a new sentiment arises, the one of protection, not for themselves but for something that has been a part of her, and from now will be a part of her all her life.
After having this somewhat sentimental thought, another one comes to mind, a new renter and a bit more costs for food, vet etc.. you know us, we will take every chance we have to ask or your help where you can. I have told you many times already, your help is essential in maintaining the Protectora and its inhabitants and we will always, always and always be very grateful for your help. I think we have some new births on the way soon, but I will tell you about them later.


Short news 3

At the moment we at Scooby we have already achieved that two people have received fines for abandoning their animals, now we only need to see that the other cases reported will have the same results and we will see the consequences and that everybody pays for what they are doing, we have a group of people with two lawyers ready to report everything to the police that needs to be reported, all the cases of abandonment, abuse, illegal breeding etc. etc. If you want to join the group, send us an email because we need all the help we can get.
The fillies are still pregnant and they really do eat us out of house and home in the end.
We are going to start the talks at school, right now we have send letters to all the schools in the province and some already responded, and we have 5 presentations confirmed and this is going to be more, we need people to join the teaching group so if you want to join, you know where to find us. We already have various confirmed appointments with schools and groups to come and visit our refuge.
During this year, we have already made 6 trips with dogs abroad, 5 of them done by us and one has been done in an absolutely spectacular truck from the people of Pet Levrieri, they could take 35 dogs meaning that  now already a lot of animals have found their safe place outside of Spain, and this is a good thing because I fear that the adoptions here in Spain will go down in numbers. Thanks a lot to all those people that do everything they can, without your help  Scooby would not survive and all this even with people in our lives that  make stupid comments on Facebook , saying “ I am troubled, we don’t know what is happening to them later on”, insinuating strange things. I would like to tell these people to shut up, if they are troubled then so am I and  I am also troubled every  two weeks when we  take the trouble of transporting them. I would be thrilled if we could have them all adopted here in Spain but it’s just not possible when they are being left in the quantities they are abandoned in this country, it is going to be impossible for them to all be placed here, so if you don’t like it don’t watch, but please shut up, I have had it with these kinds of people. Till soon
Hugs, kisses, licks en loving purrs...Fermin

Raising awareness in Zamora

Last friday, the 14th of march, the Sereno Association that organises  Free Time activities for the city council of Zamora, invited the Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby to participate in a lecture for the youth about the care and wellbeing of animals, besides getting to know the work they do at Scooby.
Over more than an hour, the President, Fermin Perez, told them about the start and the development of the Protectora, and about the history of a few of our animals. On the other hand he invited  and encouraged them to form part of the volunteer force in Zamora.  He was accompanied by some of the most involved volunteers at Scooby from Zamora.
The majority of the youngsters told us they had pets and that they were the ones responsible for taking care of them.
It was an enjoyable afternoon where Scooby is doing it’s job  to raise the awareness with the young people, the cornerstone of the future of our animals.
From the Protectora we would like to thank the Sereno Association, and the Citycouncil of Zamora for the opportunity they gave us to get close to the people of Zamora.


Rescue trip to Cuenca

With a small delay we want to share with you our recent trip to the perrera in Cuenca.
Simonetta went there on March 1st and came back with the precious load of 20 Galgos.
All of them are now being added to the database, castrated and then it´s your turn to fall in love with any of them and give them the loving home they deserve.
And now, please enjoy the small slide-show showing the pick-up and the dogs enjoying the already better life in a Scooby paddock:


The Human and Environment Society SCOOBY has filed a total of 8 impeachments against owners for abandoning their animals. These lawsuits have been filed in the administrations of Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid and Salamanca, places where animals were collected .
The reason of our claims is just to know  what  can we do with these animals: though they are abandoned they have still an owner,  so,  it is  impossible for us to give them a new opportunity until  administration give us the authorizarion to solve the ownership question . Do the dogs belong to the owner or to us?
Finally SCOOBY’s efforts were succesful and and some of these owners have been denounced, which is a very hard work that slowly and barely gives results. Time goes by, but SCOOBY does not forget its animals and keeps fighting as necessary.
So far we have received three responses from the administration: first of all, a Stafford Mix abandoned in Scooby shelter in Valladolid. The owner stopped paying  maintenance for his animal. We tried to contact him again and again but it was impossible . After filing the denounce, the Administration answered that  " it would be the default provision of services in the context of a relationship between individuals " and as consequence,  " it could not be described as negligent conduct."  …We wonder, if ignoring your dog since October 2012 is not a neglecting conduct what is it then ? .
Another subject in the way to be solved: a Husky whose owner abandoned him in February 2013 . Following the  law procedure, we tried to find him but he did not want to take care of his dog. So we filed a complaint with the Civil Guard. The owner has finally been penalized with 1503 euros, but this was not yet the solution. Who was the animal real owner? After contacting the administration, Law finally allowed us  to register the dog under our name. A case finally closed .
In the third case we  are waiting for a more specific answer from Administration. They announced that disciplinary proceedings " concluded with sanction due to the abandonment of the dog" but the power to execute corresponds  to the " city councils," . In the meanwhile, the dog keeps with us.
It is more than a year trying to streamline the denounces and it is now when  we are starting to get the answers. We understand that administration is saturated , but there are a lot of animals that have lost precious time to be with families who really love them. So, we rush institutions to work with us to provide a decent and happy life for these dogs who  have been abandoned.
We will keep on fighting against every person who carries out so detestable actions , and also taking care for those who once were "their" animals.
SCOOBY also listens to everyone who knows  cases of animal abuse or neglect. This has been the case for some neighbors who informed us about a vet’s malpractice who slaughtered animals , particularly greyhounds, in a unorthodox way . We referred this information to the Veterinarians Association in Valladolid, and they answered us that  “safeguarding the Code of Ethics and professional veterinary practice,  they will proceed to start the necessary actions to determine the facts”.
SCOOBY takes care of their animals and fights day and night against people who abuse, neglect and malpractice animals to be prosecuted and convicted .
Thanks to everyone who helps us in this work .