To all lovers of Protectora y Santuario Scooby (adopters and sponsors), thank you so much for being faithful supporters of this wonderful organisation over the years. As you can see the number of animals just seems to increase each time and much monetary support is crucially needed. Up to the end of August Protectora y Santuario Scooby saved 300 puppies from the streets, this was 49% of all of the dogs rescued by Scooby by the end of August this year. This presents us with an additional demand on our funding and one we can’t ignore.
We have decided to merge the Scooby3000 scheme with a regular donation scheme. You might remember we launched Scooby3000 in the financial crisis when the limited municipal funding we had came to an end. The council has reinstated the funds but not the full amount and the income from the local authority is nowhere near enough to feed our rescued dogs and cats and give them all of the veterinary care they need.
We will now have one scheme, the “Our Scooby Monthly Club”. It would be fantastic if everyone could please donate at least €5 per month, €10 per month would be exceptional and ideal for the Scooby animals. If you are a Scooby3000 donor, no need to do anything unless you’d like to change your donation.
We hope you will respond to this appeal so that we can count on a monthly income for the Scooby residents. Your donations will pay for food and ongoing veterinary care. We can send you a reminder each month to those willing to help “Our Scooby”. Alternatively you can set up a monthly donation to one of the following accounts:
Triodos Bank account ES06 1491 0001 2021 3033 7229 making your payment to “Scooby Sociedad de Animales y Medio Ambiente”
Via PayPal at refugioscooby@gmail.com
Thank you very much


5th of October is Forgotten Dogs Day: WHAT IF...

“What if I was a cute puppy, would you adopt me then?”
“What if I was a beautiful cat, would you love me then?”
“What if I was a small Chihuahua, would you take me home then?”
“What if I was a forgotten dog...”

Today is Forgotten Dogs Day, the day we put our Forgotten Dogs in the spotlight. And we have a lot of them! Many dogs have spent years and years at our shelter and will probably grow old here. That’s not fair! Each dog is an individual, each dog is different, each dog has a lot of love and happiness to give and they all need the same: a home. You can not save all the dogs in the world, but you can save one. And that one dog will love you to the moon and back. We promise.
“What if I was a forgotten dog, I WOULD LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH!

Please check our website for more info on that dog that will give you all its love: