Rebolera’s new life

It’s already two months ago that Rebolera left our refuge and went on a long trip tp Barcelona. There her new family was anxiously waiting for her, looking forward to give her a new life. Rebolera was found wandering the fields of Valladolid, most certainly discarded because she did not serve well for hunting.  She stayed with Cobie for a few months to recuperate and gain some weight and finally one day this family got in touch with us. They had seen her on our webpage and it was love at first sight.  After confirming that this family was right for our little galga, we put everything in motion and today, two months later, they send us these pictures and tell us how she is doing. Her new name is Adara, she is still a bit shy bit is taking leaps into her improvement, she loves to walk on the beach with her family and in the mountains, and in the park, but judging from the pictures the thing she loves to do the most is sleeping, like any galgo we know. You only have to take a look at the pictures to know she is a happy dog and together with her family she has found the home she deserves. If you can see yourself in this family and you also would like to adopt one of our animals, their thanks would be eternal!
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Paloma, the story of her adoption

About two months ago a Spanish girl living in Croatia contacted us to ask about adopting one of our galgos. She had already written to several associations without success and we were her ultimate hope of making her dream come true to rescue a Spanish galgo. She did not want to adopt the youngest nor the prettiest, just the opposite: she wanted to have the one that nobody wanted to adopt.
We thought it was very complicated because in principle we only have our dogs adopted countries with partner organisations because of the checkup at first to see if the familiy they are in are suitable, and later on, after the adoption we visit them regularly to see if the dogs is happy and well taken care of. Because of how far she lived, that part was going to be complicated, but Scooby Italy took charge and set everything in motion to make it possible. If you find someone so desperately wanting to adopt, you just have to give it a try. A few weeks after Paloma (that is the name of the fortunate galga) arrived at  her new home, her new adoptive mother wrote the following:

“As you can see, she is doing great, in only two weeks she has improved tremendously, she wags her tail  when she sees me, she started to play with the cat (although the cat isn’t too happy about it yet) and this morning she surprised me when we were in the park, acting foolishly like a little puppy, playing chase and everything. I bought her a toy because she stole the cat’s and tore it to pieces.  We have a tiny problem with doing number one around the house but she is learning and it is a problem easily solved with a mop. For the rest everything is going fine, she’s very alert on the street and she is scared easily, but she is already a lot more relaxed and she loves the park. She still doesn’t like men or dogs much, especially those who run up to her with a lot of noise and barking but even that is getting better and sometimes she even gets close to the quieter ones.  I will send you the pictures in a few weeks, I will try tp get one from her together with the cat,  I am sure that within a short period they will play and sleep in the same bed.”

We are sure that Paloma is going to be very happy in her new home and that is what we hope for all of our animals. Seeing her that happy encourages us to continue our work. Be happy Paloma, and although you will forget us soon.. we will never forget you.


Juliet and Esmaralda awaiting their surgery

Here you see our sweeties Juliet and Esmeralda in their foster-home, waiting for their turn to be operated.
Once they have undergone surgery they will have to face a painful time of recuperation. We hope that somebody will fall in love with them and will offer them a good home as soon as possible. So that they can forget about their former life and can finally be happy.
Do you have some space left for them in your home?


Urgent help needed: our dogs need food.

Hello our friends, we know we are always asking you for renewed efforts to help us but Scooby is going through a tough time right now. Right now we have over 900 dogs in our care and to feed them is asking the utmost of us regarding the costs. We are talking about Eur 6000 a month.
As you can imagine, an amount that is very difficult for us to get together. And that is the reason that, for the benefit of our animals, we are again asking you for your help which is urgently needed. For the people in Spain or those who are close to one of our set ups in either Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Palencia or Zamora we ask you to bring us as much food as you possibly can, and for those further away both national and international, because of the costs of transport we ask you to help us financially to cover the costs of feeding our animals,
We are in a desperate situation because even though we should be saying we will not take up more animals we just cannot leave them without our and your help, they deserve a chance and that is the whole reason Scooby is there, to give hope to these and many more animals.
You can also help us by adopting or fostering one or more of our dogs, and if you might know of any company that could help us out with food or work with us, we really would appreciate it, and please share this with your contacts, friends and family and let them know in what situation we are in and what we need. Please we do count on you to do your utmost in trying to find ways to help us. Every little bit of help, as small as it might seem, makes the world of difference for us in these hard times.
You know there are a lot of ways to help us but our main concern right now is to feed them. We are talking about 900 dogs but the number of animals that depend on Scooby is much larger. You can imagine the financial consequences this has in just one month.
Please think of them, they are the most important and help us in any way possible. Share, promote and HELP one more time. Thanks for taking the time to read this, to understand us and for helping us, we really are grateful.
If you work with us making a donation, making a virtual adoption, becoming a Scooby member of becoming a Teamer for just 1 euro a month, you can help us continue to do our work.
A small gesture can change their lives. Don’t you think it is worth it?
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Scooby finds an assassinated galgo in a plot between Medina and Moraleja

PRESS RELEASE  24th of March 2015

On a plot between the villages of Moraleja en Medina del Campo the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby last Monday afternoon found an assassinated galgo. The president of the organization himself, Fermin Perez was informed by two workers of the same organization who were walking with their dogs in the area when they found the remains of the galgo.
Arriving at the scene together with a veterinary doctor, they could only conclude that it concerned a young female galgo that suffered a blow to the head with a heavy object, that looked like it caused its immediate death. The animal had no means of identification, as could be confirmed by the chipreader.
Scooby has been fighting the killing of galgos for over 30 years and even though the numbers have gone down considerably during the last years, there are still cases like this occurring regularly.
This is the reason we continue to fight daily to achieve that all animals will have a means of identification, so we can control the number of animals and their owners. It is very important as well that their owners are organized to be able to control the number of galgos they own and the condition they are in,
This is a joint effort for various organizations to work together, primarily the galgo federations, who will have to instate that the galgueros have to be able to identify both themselves and their galgos, and on the other side the authorities involved who will have to check the identifications and make sure the laws are  abided, and the refuges to watch and care for the abandoned animals and report any cases like this one.

For more information please contact:
Rebeca Cid Rodríguez
Prensa y Comunicación Scooby
If you want to look at the pictures you can do it here:


An important day for the dogs of "paddock 7"

On Monday the 23rd of March, Simonetta took the dogs with broken paws to the "Clinica Meditteranea" in Madrid. where they will build in plates and figure out the right procedures for the oncoming operations.
We found foster homes for them in Madrid who will take care of the dogs in the meantime until their treatment is completed.
From here we would like to thank the clinic very much for giving these brave dogs a second chance. We would also like to say thank to the foster families who will look after the dogs until they are ready to go and of course to all of you who offered their help.
If you would like to help us cover the costs for the material used in the operations you can either do that through our teaming site or paying onto our bank account.
Once again a million thanks! Without you nothing would be possible!


Bank account:
Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby
Bankinter Valladolid
number bank account: 0128/0212/51/0103853927

IBAN: : ES6101280212510103853927