Wanted - Partner for spring diet

If you, like most of us, are just about to start your spring diet to get in good summer shape, please consider to do it together with Choco, a stunning beautiful pure breed Labrador, just one year of age, or Merlin, a 5 year old friendly Mastin-Shepherd-Mix.
They were dropped at Scooby by their family together and from experience we know that it is much harder to cope with shelter life for dogs that lived in a real home than it is for dogs who were found straying or lived with a hunter because for them life at Scooby is often way better compared to what they had before... So we would by far prefer for wonderful Choco and Merlin that they lose their kilos on purpose and not from sadness about being abandoned!
Please fall in love with one or both of them and adopt!


Showing off galgos in Zamora

As you all know the Scooby refuge has a special preference for galgos, mostly due to the problems they have encountered since the beginning of times. Each year the international Galgo Day is celebrated and Scooby wanted to join this celebration with organizing a walk with these delightful creatures several days later.
About thirty people took part together with the chairman of the refuge,  Fermin PĂ©rez, and the caretakers of the refuges in Zamora to take a walk through the streets of Zamora. Volunteers, adopters and some other interested people got together  to enjoy an interesting morning.
During the last month and a half, Scooby collected over 150 galgos, about 80 of them  collected from a large number of the federation members, a result of the agreement with the FEG in Castilla and Leon being signed last november.  The rest of them has been picked up in other cities like Cuenca, Caceres, Ciudad Real and Toledo.
Now we need your help to find homes for these galgos and give them a second chance to enjoy their life next to a friend that loves them, takes care of them and protects them.



A year filled with hope, and even though improving our figures every time is going to be difficult, this year like always we will do our utmost to improve them, we want more and much more,  more animals rescued and naturally more animals placed in homes, less abused animals, less animals left behind, we like to continue to grow, outside as well as inside and therefore we propose different steps.
Increase the refuge, we are going to combine another 17 acres that they left us so that is like 2000 m2 of storage. That would make it about 45.000m2 dedicated to animals and will without doubt make Scooby the biggest refuge in Spain in terms of square meters and number of animals taken up.
Construction of the infirmary, we are already working on that and would help our animals greatly.
Signing of the agreement with an English veterinary association that will help us get our animal hospital up to the highest level in Spain in terms of equipment and capacity for several vets at the same time and with the best teams.
We have set up World Galgo Day to reinstate these precious animals and so help their adoption.
At this moment about 800 animals of any kind depend on you; dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, donkeys, sheep, cows, goats.. and it really is a sight for sore eyes to see these animals happy every day.
A new webshop with all our merchandising, easier to find and to use.
There are many more projects that we hope will be started somewhere in 2014 but we will tell you more about it when they come closer.
As you can see, we are not short of dreams, we have goals to achieve so we are counting on your immeasurable support.
From all our animals at present and those that will be rescued this year: thank you. Again you are making it possible.
And now I will let you go. Thank you for being there. Fermin


The stork that loved the freedom at Scooby

At the Scooby rescue facilities, the most important thing is that the animals that live there feel they are being taken care of and given all the love they need, and moreover, that they feel free.
And so our renter Snowwhite (Blancanieves) has shown, a stork found by the local police around Medina del Campo in Valladolid in august 2013, found with a broken foot and therefore taken to the refuge so that between all the people working there she would receive all the care she needed to get better completely.
After several months of treatment and seeing her improve immensely, Scooby let Snowwhite go around Christmas,they set her free and expected her to fly away and try to find her former mates, finding a new destiny. This did happen, she did find a new destiny and the surprise was that she decided her destiny was staying at Scooby.
She lives together with the other birds in the area around the lake, in the company of the ducks and the pigeons, and a lot of times she flies close to where the workers are.
We have another member of the family!  Please be aware that if you want to get to know her, you only need to come to our refuge in Medina del Campo the last sunday of each month, when we have an open house event.  We’ll wait for you there!


The sad reality for the podencos

Hunting season over, the abandonment is starting, the cruel reality that we encounter when they are no longer useful. She is Alma, a hunting dog of advanced age that no longer “served” and that was found in a state closer to dying, completely starved and without any energy to be able to stand up, with severe wounds all over her body, inflicted by beings full of hate and anger and without scruples or feeling.
She lost one of her eyes because of a heavy blow, the other one is almost blind. She was found in Salamanca by the animal protection association el Hocico, and from there she came to Scooby in Zamora where she still is.  She has a pancreas infection and has to be hooked up with a drip and medication until it becomes better, she is still critical, and when she survives she will need extra care and lots of love to make her want to go on. We still do not understand how somebody can do this to an animal and leave her to die like that.
Be strong Alma, you need to survive this, we have so many things to show you, a lot of love to give you and show you that there are still people in this world that love you and that will fight to find you a new home.