Amel needs adoption urgently!

Although a lot of persons offered to adopt her initially, reality looks different – so far, Amel hasn’t found a home yet.
Her time with her foster family is up soon and, what is worst, she will have to move to our shelter afterwards.
However, our survivor needs a home in a family who is willing to provide her with the life she should have always lived and with the support necessary to finish her recovery.
Help us to get Amel a happy ending!


Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe: our most special puppies

Certainly you remember Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe.
These three brothers arrived undernourished, ill and scared at our shelter
The three of them suffered from a congenital disorder that inhibited 
normal growth of their legs. However, the vets advised us to provide 
them with a special diet in order to support normal growth as much as 
Thanks to you we have been able to give them the nutrition they needed, 
but although they got better, we didn’t accomplish that their legs would 
straighten sufficiently.
We considered surgery, but it wasn’t viable and the follow-up would have 
been terrible for them.  From the time they came to us as little puppies, almost a year has 
passed by without anyone willing to adopt them because of their illness.They will never be able to meet great physical challenges, nor to 
accompany you if you want to go out for a run, but apart from that, they 
are perfectly normal.They enjoy playing with other dogs, caresses and being stroked.It’s not fair that after all they have been through, after being 
abandoned and left behind starving, they have to live without a home, 
without a warm bed and without being caressed before they go to sleep, 
because they were born that way.
If you are a person with a heart of gold and willing to help these 
little ones, don’t think twice!
Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe need you and want to meet someone like you to give her/him all their love.Adopt one of our little ones and show him the life he deserves! 



The Prisoners of Palencia - part 2 (video)

Here is a video of some of the Prisoners of Palencia who are still 
waiting to be adopted. Please don’t let them spend another winter in 
Palencia! Adopt, share and help us help them. Thank you!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4-U-qFp0ns
Here the first one. THe prisoners of Palencia part 1 :
On the
first of January Scooby has taken over the shelter of Palencia. The shelter
looked horrible, the dogs were scared and skinny and were sleeping on layers
and layers of their own poo. It took months to clean and with good care and
food, these dogs evolved from timid dogs into nice and happy dogs. 

But, those dogs are still there. Just a handful has been adopted since. The rest is still waiting in the ‘jails’ of Palencia. For some dogs there are bigger spaces where they can run and play, but most dogs are alone in a cage that is not much bigger than a jail cell, they are prisoners. But these prisoners have done nothing wrong! They were only dumped on the streets by their former owners, left to die.
Scooby is doing their outmost best to feed and clean all these dogs and giving them medical care, but it costs money. A lot of money. Every day. Please help us!
The best way to help us is to adopt one of these sweethearts, giving them a loving home. But if you are not able to adopt, than please help us financially. Scooby is struggling to keep its head above the water. Please, if you can, help us. Thank you so much!



Mitache needs medication urgently!

This big and friendly podenco is called Mitache, and he needs your help urgently.
He suffers from dirofilariasis [heartworms], a disease caused by parasitic worms that are transmitted by mosquitoes.
The adult worms migrate to the pulmonary arteries and eventually infest the right ventricle of the heart. It is merely a question of time until the invaded worms obstruct the pulmonary arteries and the veins returning to the heart. However, heartworm disease does not only affect the lungs and the heart, but may also interfere with the function of the liver and the kidneys.

Therefore, we have initiated treatment with antibiotics and by administering a specific agent which has a filaricidal effect on pre-adult heartworms. These therapies alone will not be sufficient, though, and provision of an adulticide treatment will be required. Unfortunately, the necessary medicine lies beyond our scope as it is extremely expensive.
The treatment will eliminate the adult worms, but it may also provoke adverse side effects, hence a long and difficult path lies ahead of Mitache until he will have 
completely recovered.
In less than a month, we will need a box of immiticide for starting the treatment.
Do you want to help Mitache?
*Make a donation:
Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby
Kontonummer: 0128/0212/51/0103853927
IBAN: : ES6101280212510103853927
*Make a donation with Paypal or become a member: http://scoobymedina.org/es/how_you_can_help.html
*Join the teaming (for only 1 € /month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
*Visit our shop and buy something: https://www.facebook.com/tiendascooby?fref=ts
*Share his story, so we can get help for him.



Neoprene merchandise Scooby.

Every day the end of summer is getting closer and we already start noticing the chill. If you take your dogs out for a walk and you don't want to get cold, we have a perfect solution:  one of the wonderful neoprenes from Scooby!  For 30 eur (plus shipping) you can help the animals in the refuge and get warm as well. Available for women in colors red, bright blue, navy blue and black.
For men in colors red, grey, black, bright blue and dark blue. Order at tiendascooymedina@gmail.com and take a look at the products in our merchandise shop Scooby:



Eloy, a new victim of abandonment

This is Eloy and her story is the same as it is for many galgos in Spain. She probably broke her hind leg already a while ago and since she then did not serve for hunting anymore, she was left to her own devices. We don't know for how long she had to survive eating trash and leftovers, roaming around the streets and the fields, dealing with the pain in her broken leg untill in the end she was run over by a car and left in the gutters for dead.  The result was she was completely bruised and her hind leg suffered from an open fracture with the bone sticking out.
Even so, Eloy got herself up, suffering terrible pains and went to find help that nobody wanted to give to her, until a family saw her, exhausted and in pain and could not look the other way. This family has surely saved her from death and asked us for our help. When she arrived at our refuge, we saw her wounds were serious and took her quickly to the Clinica Mediterranea so she could be operated on fast.  After all she has been through, we could not refuse her and again we are going to need your help so her fate will turn for good and she has the happy live she deserves. Do you want to help Eloy? 

Making a virtual adoption: http://www.scoobymedina.org/en/virtual_adoption/index.html

Become a volunteer: http://www.scoobymedina.org/en/volunteering.html

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK



Lucy’s marvellous recovery

Do you remember Lucy, the little galga marked by the widespread skin inflammation which was caused by demodectic mange?
Of course you do, because it seems impossible to forget about her.
Well, due to all the help we received for paying her medication, today Lucy is hardly recognizable.
She has turned into a healthy and happy galga and what’s more, in a galga who is starting a new life in France!
Stories like this one give us the strength to continue with the rescue of animals every day again. It’s because of them, the joy about seeing them recovered, healthy and happy in their new homes - that’s worth the effort.

*If you don’t know about Lucy’s story, please click here:


Amel´s first walk with her foster family

Amel is able to take little walks with her foster family by now and, as you can see in the video, she s already making friends.

It s somewhat difficult for her to get accustomed to her blindness, but she is beginning to enjoy playing and socialising.

Our little one is a champion and given all the inconveniences she has to struggle with, she really deserves to be happy.

We are confident that step by step she will be able to be a perfectly normal dog despite of all the cruelties she had to suffer from.

Keep it up Amel, you re almost there!



Chenoa, rescue with a happy ending.

This little pup was rescued from the streets in this state. Her problem could have been solved with a quick visit to the vet, but her "masters" decided it was a lot easier to abandon her instead of worrying about her health. Therefore, what must have started like a little bump ended up becoming a big abces that had to be cleaned of about 1 liter of pus. Thanks to the quick intervention of our vets, Chenoa is now completely recovered and now is waiting to be united with her new family. Good luck Chenoa!
See how she arrived at our premises. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvH_p36SuP4&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for your help


Amel has found a foster home!

After being in the clinic for such a long time, the vet has released Amel so she can continue her recovery in a foster home. We want to thank Ana Maria Periz and her family to help Amel in this difficult time. Now the little one is going to need all her patience and time to start to learn to cope in live being blind, and to start to trust humans again.  She is getting better every day! Thanks to all of you who have supported her from the beginning. Without you, this recovery would not have been possible!
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D494sJLEBOI&feature=youtu.be 


Thumb up for the Podenco Andaluz

Yoehoeeeee,  I am Mickey at the back my girlfriend Olijfje en my
friend Marleentje. We are adopted but I have many friends like me in
Scooby who need a home themself. We are little podenco andaluz we are
very easy going, we love people and we are very friendly and carefull
with little children. In the house we are quite like galgo's but we
are hunters and we like to make your garden mouse free. Hope you will
give my Scooby friends a chance.