Dogs transferred from Zamora

Some time ago we informed you about a few dogs brought to Medina from Zamora,
which are being socialized by a group of volunteer dog trainers.
One of the dogs, Morla, got adopted in Holland. She had already quite recovered.
She would let people pet and grab her, as you can see on the picture of this sweet little dog the day she left for Holland.

The rest of her team mates are still in the shelter, where currently two volunteers persevere to socialize them. Mimo is another example. He has also improved much as you
can see on some of his pictures, but he needs a home with a garden or a plot to keep the recovery process going, without forcing him into new situations and preferably without children.

The other former puppies left, Nika, Minie and Pintas, develop more slowly. 
They have made significant progress but they still have a way to go, due to the bad condition they were in when they arrived at the shelter.

One of the reasons to transfer them from Scooby Zamora to Scooby Medina was because
these dogs need to see other people, not only the educators, but also other volunteers from
all around the world. It would be good if you could spend some time with these dogs, give them treats and pay a little attention to the hard work that is carried out every day at Scooby when you visit.
It is important though - as a precaution - to be aware that when you approach them, they won´t perceive you as a threat.
 Bend down and avoid looking them directly into the eyes.
Do not try to touch them or take them by force, as they can feel threatened and react violently.
Make smooth movements and speak to them softly. They will feel better in your presence but let them approach you.
Unfortunately due to their past, these dogs will always be special. In an ideal situation, they would require an adoptive or a foster home that, if possible, had experience dealing with this type of dogs that have a lot of fear and anxiety and are less socializable than others.
With caution, patience and understanding in a quiet atmosphere, perhaps their recovery would be possible.
It is difficult to achieve this in a shelter: to make them completey overcome their traumatization.
It´s a slow process.
You can watch some videos on the “dog training” page of the Spanish Scooby website.