Back from Extremadura...

And we got as far as Almendralejo, from where the caretaker of the refuge there, Mada Sanguino, called us for help and as always, the only help we could give was go and pick up their galgos, and that is what we have done, she had 24 and we took them all in. And now they are here, waiting for a home. We have put the females in patio 1 and one of them must know how to open doors because we found all of them running around, very happy and content, in the patio of the well, so know they are locked up in Paddock 2! And the males we put in some of the cages of 7-2,  and knowing all this, who would think I would go and fight over some dogs in Alicante..
With a wink and kisses, and licks and bites from the dogs for all, Fermin


Another 40 from Sevilla and...

Even though the truth is that not all of them are from Sevilla, we know that at least 19 of them come from the perrera in Jerez and a lot of other perreras in Andalucia, our friends of the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation (FBM) pick them all up to bring them to us later, this year it’s sheer madness since we are picking up galgos from all kinds of places. Isabel from FBM told me the same thing and I hope we will have a short meeting on this issue soon to find a solution. As you know we have got in touch with the galgueros to try and set up a dialogue that will solve the problem in short term, so we are hoping to set up a date soon. If they don’t I am afraid we are forced to other ways of solving this, as I told  you before.  Like I said today it is Sevilla, last weekend Toledo, a friend send me an advertisement of second hand goods where they offered galgos to give away for free and she told me that she knew we were taking care of a lot of them already and we might not be able  to help, but yes, here they are already and some of them are real beauties, like this chocolate and white female and this brown male with eyes the color of honey, or the other ones that our friends from Madrid brought in from a village in Toledo, that ones should have been broadcast on the television show called “Mascoteros”.  Anyway , today Sevilla, last weekend Toledo, tomorrow Almendralejo in Extremadura, saturday Cuenca, but I will tell you about that in another news item with other pictures so you can enjoy them. Knowing all this you think that I was going to fight over dogs in Alicante....?
With a wink and kisses  for everyone. Fermin


Zara – another foundling near the end of the hunting season

January 4th: in the afternoon a call is made to the office, a galgo was sighted in a field very close to Scooby. Not the best place to catch a roaming dog, as this field borders the motorway, the provincial road along Scooby as well as the railway. Only on one side is open terrain. To prevent the dog from running into the wrong direction, Dani, Pablo and Sabine take off all three of them, armed with leashes and food to entice the dog to come closer. 
Soon they see a gorgeous, elegant galga just a short distance away – unfortunately she seems to have every intention to keep her distance. Every step in her direction is answered with a step back. All of a sudden she disappears. She can walk below te motorway towards the other side of the motorway via gullies. So we quickly grabbed the car and continued our search. Shortly afterwards she was found again, together with two other galgos who were at a further distance. But again it proved impossible to get anywhere near her. Surrounded from three sides she gets the great idea to hide in an abandoned power house. We couldn’t get any luckier. Once ‚gotten‘,  she allows Pablo to take her worn body into his arms and carry her to the car, where she falls asleep, totally exhausted, despite the car ride to Scooby being a very short one.  Meanwhile her companions have disappeared, so we decide to give it a try and entice them with food to take them to Scooby later.
This little maisy is terribly thin, she must have eaten way too little for a long time. We named her Zare, because that name has such an elegant ring to it and she is such an elegant creature. Zara is still very young. A pretty galga, all brindles, with a wonderful face. Who knows, how many days of her life have been spent wandering the fields. She is a little shy when on the leash, but allows us to hold her in our arms and caress her nevertheless. For now she is living all by herself just to make sure she gets enough food, when she has gained her strenghts and is in good health she may relocate. 

All we need for this pretty little girl now, is a loving family, where she can learn just how wonderful the world can be, even for galgos!


Bling bling for our shining star

Estrella is one of our horses that is enjoying the good life on the Scooby farm. She was rescued from a cattle market where the supervising vet forbid her sale because of the bad shape she was in. So the journey to the slaughter house would have been her next and last journey . But instead lucky her traveled to Scooby, very skinny and with one of her back legs a little longer than the others. This is something she can live with, but she can never be ridden, so a life at the Scooby farm is perfect for her.

When she came in, she was almost as black as the night. Fermin called her Estrella (star in Spanish). But when you see her now, she is not so black anymore. Her star is shining brighter every day and in a few years she will be as white as our other big horse, Blanci. 

Lately Estrella was starting to walk a little difficult, which meant she was in need of some shoes. So the shoe smith came over and gave her a nice pair of new horse shoes. As you can see Estrella is very happy with her new bling bling on her feet and she is walking perfectly again!