Scooby Winter Walk 2013

25th of February, time for the Dutch Scooby winter walk! And it was indeed a true winter walk, which means: SNOW! Because of these weather conditions some people couldn’t make it, but despite of this unfortunate the turn-out was enormous! Restaurant Airport Hilversum was well prepared for this with hot chocolate, tea and coffee with apple pie. And the Scooby shop was also ready for the two and four legged costumers. A lot of people were already browsing to see what nice goods the shop had to offer.
We started the walk around 12 o’clock and walked for more than an hour in the forest and over the frozen heath, which was beautifully snowed on. The surroundings were amazing, but also cold and snowy, so we returned to the starting point: the warm and cozy restaurant. They were waiting for us with delicious pea soup (Dutch winter soup) and croquette sandwiches. Also after this warm lunch, the Scooby shop was well visited. Jacinta and Danielle told us that this day brought about a great yield! And like always, 100% of this money goes to the animals in Scooby.

 We, as Scoobyteam Holland enjoyed this day a lot and were happily surprised to see so many cute, sweet and handsome quadrupeds! It’s always a delight to see those happy snouts! This is the reason we organize these events.

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you all again at our Autumn Scooby walk in September.

Greetings and snouts,
Scoobyteam Holland

Alisha, Merel, Jacky, Saskia and Claire

Photos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL52XNUKelQ&feature=youtu.be