Hommage to Maria-José

The ones among you who are following the Scooby history for a long time already will for sure remember her, Maria-Jos , who has been working for Scooby for many years. A big animal lover, a hard worker, a good person. She was the kind of woman who could work like a horse but always took her time for a gentle stroke, a tender word to the dogs who needed it. Now she died from cancer, far too young at the age of 53 what makes all of us who knew her very sad. Below you can read an interview with her from 2007 in memorian of her.
 Maria-Jos , we will never forget you and all that you have done for Scooby and its animals.


Interview with MARÍA JOSÉ

If any one of you has come to the refuge at any time, there is a sure chance you will have met María José, a woman who is very much involved in the spanish media, who knows about all that is happening in the refuge and now (also) is working as a secretary in the new office. She speaks perfect French (she lived in Paris for a lot of years)  and gets along very well with the English speaking visitors. She comes in from Valladolid every day to come to Scooby.

For those of you that have not come to the refuge,, you will know her from the stories she has put on our webpage.  She has even begun to write her own version of the stories that are happening here, so the visitors of the website feel they are closer to all that is happening here..

In any case, we have asked her some questions so you can get to know her better:

Refuge:  How long have you been working here?

María José: .. don’t know, let me think.. I think about 6 years. I used to be a volunteer during the weekends, I got to know Scooby while I was working in an animal refuge in Valladolid.. (Working in a refuge is certainly a calling in her case.. ) and that refuge closed. A few dogs ended up here, and I followed them!

R: And then they contracted you?

M.J: well yes, the possibility came up when they needed someone to work for them.

R : What is your task here?

“Quitando excrementos, observas a los perros y aprendes de su comportamiento”.

M. J:  Task?  (laughing)  you want to say taskS because there are many.  What I do least of all right now is cleaning since we have help. This permits me to take care of the dogs, checking how the patios are doing, taking care of the food, all kinds of things, I go to collect the food… Ah.. and I also receive the visitors. And I am sure I am forgetting something

R: What hours do you work?

M.J: From 9h30/10h00 when I come in, untill I leave which is always a surprise, it depends on the kind of day but if all goes well around  18h00.

R: Between us: do you like your job?

M.J:  Yes (honestly)… it is true it is a lot of work but I like it .

R: What kind of people are coming here?

M.J: Difficult ones, of the kind that go:  I want to have a dog but don’t know what kind.. no not that one, can you show me another., people that bring a dog. It is funny to see that some are looking for an excuse, at this moment being allergic is a popular one they use, but also the kids. The galgueros however don’t need an excuse, they think that a “it doesn’t serve my purpose anymore” is enough.  Also we have people coming in that have found a dog somewhere.

R: Are there a lot of volunteers?

M.J: A lot of people call and some really do arrive, but in the end they don;t want to come. A lot of them do not want to clean up shit or really be with the dogs. I don’t really understand why they make the offer. The spanish volunteers are complicated and don’t tend to compromiso. The thruth is when you clean up their shit, you observe the dogs and learn from their behaviour. At the moment we only have two Spanish volunteers, one of them is Eva and she tends to the cats.

R: How come you are so dedicated to the animals?

M.J. I have always liked animals. We have always had dogs in the house. I am from Oviedo but we went to live in France when I was young, and later on we moved to Valladolid. When I got here I had no idea of the amount of abandonment and abuse of animals here. I got to know about the refuge where I worked before when I  went to pick up a cat. Then I got hooked, first as a member and later on as a volunteer..

R: Were you ever sorry you took that decision?

M.J. To be honest, yes. The truth is it is sometimes hard  but even when I am on holidays, I do think about my dogs

R: your dedication is high and your salary low I suppose…

M.J: It is not high no, but however small it is, it always gives me the feeling I am taking it from the dogs!

R: What is your relationship with the galgueros?

M.J: Nowadays I don’t get into arguments with them anymore. I have learned to interact with  them so now they treat me like any other gualgera. In the beginning I got very upset by what they said or did. I notice they seem to be a bit more “civilized”. The dogs are a little bit better, but they are still brutal with them ..


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We need help to rescue of two sows in Badajoz.

We have stopped their sacrifice at the very last moment, but we need help to pay for their transportation, maintenance and expansion of the shelter where they will next live.

A few weeks ago several people contacted us to ask desperately for help for two sows, who were in a kennel in Badajoz, where they had been decided to be sacrificed.
The process has not been easy since, and we didn’t know if we were to arrive on time, but finally, after much effort, we managed to locate the sows, which were already in the slaughterhouse and we could freeze his sacrifice at the last moment.
Now both of them are waiting for us to go for them, but we need help to make the rescue possible. In our shelter we are currently the home for more than 350 farm animals, including horses, donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, rabbits and our great zebu.

Just a month ago more than 50 goats and sheep and a beautiful pig called Rocio, from Bullas were received in Scooby. They had had to wait more than a year, due to health issues, before we could take them, but nonetheless we payed for all their food, care and veterinary expenses. With all these expenses along with the maintenance of the rest of inhabitants at Scooby, we are currently economically under minimum.

We estimate that we will need about 1,500 € to cover all the expenses. We cannot help it but try to rescue these two sows, even more after all they must have suffered.
Their life is hanging out of a thread, and although we know that we are already saturated, we cannot turn away from them.
We just need your help to change the reality of these poor animals and give them the dignified life they deserve.
Read their story in the press: http://www.hoy.es/badajoz/201507/15/cerdos-perrera-mesa-20150715002748-v.html
Help us rescue them:
* Make a donation:
* “Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby”
Account number: 0128/0212/51/0103853927
They were: ES6101280212510103853927

* Donate through PayPal or become a PARTNER: http: //scoobymedina.org/es/how_you_can_help.html

* Become part of our Team for only 1 € a month: https: //www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
* Make a purchase on our Solidarity Shop: https: //www.facebook.com/tiendascooby f ref = ts?
* Spread this story so we can get help them.

Without you, nothing of this would be possible.


We urgently need a new laptop!

After a lot of working hours, our laptop has broken down. We really do need another one because most of our work is being done by computer. We use it to upload our dogs to the database, to promote them, to handle the national and international adoptions, to find over 900 new homes a year for our animals and to inform you about the latest news every day. So without one, it will become very hard to keep on doing that. Therefore we ask you to help us getting a new one so we can continue our work. These are the account details of Scooby
Sociedad Protectora de Animales Scooby
Nr  account: 0128/0212/51/0103853927
IBAN: : ES6101280212510103853927

Or via PAYPAL to ; de@scoobymedina.com

We appreciate what our old computer has done for us so far and for the animals at Scooby. Without it a lot of happiness for our dogs and cats would not have been possible. We won't forget it. Rest in peace.


Solidarity in Palencia

Over the weekend of 17, 18 and 19th of july, Scooby promoted an adoption campaign in Palencia. The week before, Ana, the owner of Bar Nuevo Zapatones, got in touch with us because she was going to celebrate the anniversary of her business and she wanted to do something that would contribute in getting to know Scooby and their animals. She herself has two adopted dogs and her community sense is very high. All this said and done, we got to work and thanks to the help of Nacho and volunteers such as for example Sara and Vanesa, with the cooperation of companies  such as Gaherprogra and the Argos clinic, we organized an event were the main protagonists were our dogs and cats.
During the period of three days we have had activities for kids, informative speeches about adoption, we have now new members, a lot of merchandise sales and we received several donations to continue to fight for our animals.
From the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby we want to publicly thank all the volunteers, the companies that worked with us and all the people that came to see us at Nuevo Zapatones to get informed and to help, and especially Ana, the owner of the venue for her help and dedication. Without all of you , nothing like this would have been possible.
Thanks again for all your dedication, for always being available, for your time and most of all the loving attention you are giving our animals. THANKS!


Help for Lucy, a very special little galga

This little galga’s name is Lucy, she arrived at our refuge last week after being rescued by Scooby and after wandering about for weeks without any help from nobody. No one wanted to help her because she looked like a monster and they were afraid her illness was contagious so she got weaker every day and finally ended up in this situation. Lucy is suffering from demodectic mange, pyoderma and malnutricion. How long did it take for this poor pup being abandoned to come to this state? Starving, scared, suffering from incredible pains because her skin is bleeding and she has wounds on her paws. We don’t understand how there can be people able to get rid of  a sick animal in this way. Even though, the little one was lucky. Right now she is safe at Scooby, receiving the best possible care and food and medication from our vets. For us Lucy is no monster, she is an angel, sweet, quiet and wellbehaved. She only wants to be a happy little galga like any one of her age and that is why she is needing a long lasting treatment.. Right now she gets anti inflammatory medicine, analgesic, Ivermectina, a shampoo, and special food. This treatment for us means a lot of added costs so again, we are going to ask for your help to help her get better. This little one has already suffered enough because of humans.They have turned their back on her once and now we need to show her that not all of us humans are the same. If you want to help Lucy you can do so in many ways: 
-        Spread her story so we can reach more people to help her
-        Joinl TEAMING for just  1€ a month:https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
-        Purchase something from our webshop:https://www.facebook.com/tiendascooby?fref=ts
-        Make a donation or become a member:http://scoobymedina.org/es/how_you_can_help.html
Without you, nothing is possible.

Gracias por su ayuda/ Thanks for your help.
Scooby Team


Lita, lost or abandoned?

A few days ago a family from Medina rescued Lita from being run over by a car.
The poor one was frightened, wandering the streets, going between cars, completely exhausted.
If it had not been not for that family, she would not have been with us.
When we heard about Lita, we brought her to our facilities and after offering her some water (which she would not drink as she was really scared), we checked if she had a microchip and knew, as usual, she had no microchip.
Lita does not look bad, but we can only guess if she has been recently abandoned or simply got lost.
We will never get tired of repeating how important it is to microchip our pets.
If you love your dog, have him/her microchipped. The microchip gets programmed with the owner’s phone number, and in within a few hours you can have him/her back home. Without the microchip, you may not have your dog back safely and sound.
Either lost or abandoned, this is the result: an animal destined to die, terrified and depressed.
Animals feel, and the psychological footprint of abandoning them is difficult to get rid of.
Lita has not been claimed, so surely we are going to need a responsible home for her.
Do you want to make yours her new home?