Bundo available for adoption

Bundo is a mix dog who arrived to Scooby in terrible conditions. He was abandoned like most of our dogs. His “master” didn´t feed him and maltreated him constantly. When he got tired of him he opened the window of his car and threw him away in the middle of the highway. He was lucky and the car behind saw everything and could stop. This person took him to Scooby.

I arrived to Scooby, as usually, one Saturday to work as volunteer and my surprise when I came in paddock 7-1 was Bundo. He was in a cradle without moving and looking at you with resignation. He couldn´t move; all his body was in pain. My reaction was to feed him and he did it, eagerly because he was hungry. We looked at each other and that was something special. I decided to foster him, to take good care of him and show him that not all human beings are the same.
He recovered very slowly, but he did. He recovered mobility in his back legs and gained some weight. He is a nice and affectionate dog. He has learned to be loved by people and now he likes being petted and picked up. We share a lot of things but main of all we like having breakfast together. At first he is lazy because he likes being in his bed but when he hears I´m taking the biscuits out he comes running to see if he gets some(and he always does).
We have a special bond but I make him realize that I´m not his master. Now he is ready to live with his definitive adopter ,someone who loves him, who shows him the meaning of home and family, who buys toys for him and, most important of all, who makes him forget all the suffering he had.

I will miss him a lot but I know he will be okay and I´ll help another dog.
Do you want to be the person who gives Bundo the home he deserves?  If so, please contact us at info@scoobymedina.com