Bernita is an adorable old lady galga, 8 years old and was brought to Scooby by her owner. She was full of mammery tumours and immediately had them removed, a very big surgery so she spent a lot of time recovering in the infirmary. She was very afraid to walk on the tiled floors, and also in the concrete kennel that she moved to once she was recovered.
In the beginning she was shy around people and bowed her head when you touched her, as if expecting to be hit. Once she gets to know you she is so sweet and loving, and she cries out to you from her paddock as if asking you to help her. She is nervous around the other dogs and is hiding herself away hoping not to be noticed, and its very sad to see. She is old, insecure, weaker than the other dogs and isn’t adapting well to life in the shelter, and she really deserves a life of comfort and safety on her forever sofa surrounded by love. Please contact us if you would like to offer Bernita a chance of happiness.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6vEa8ALBaM&feature=youtu.be



Hoover has travelled recently to Mazarrón area, in Murcia, to collect 27 dogs, mainly podencos and greyhounds. Murcia is a Spanish region where the galgueros and hunters`  brutality is unbelievable.
Some of them are in a terrible condition; like this adorable brindle male galgo that is  ‘skin and bones’ and suffers from Leishmania, and the black female galga that lacks a paw ... Both are in Fermin´s place until they become stronger and ready for adoption.
This season the abandonment has been quite high in Castilla y Leon so we have only been able to pick up dogs in the south of Spain twice; in January in Cadiz and now in Murcia. For now on and until our economic situation improves, we will not be able to rescue more ... Would you like to support our work? Please donate now:  http://bit.ly/2donat or Join the teaming for only 1 €/month:  http://bit.ly/2teaming




The mistreatment towards greyhounds continues in Spain and will do so until the permissiveness towards the hunters and their practices finish.

2 months ago the hunting season ended and Scooby have collected so far more than 200 greyhounds since then. The fortunate ones have been left in the shelter by their owners, however many others have been rescued by us from terrible situations; As terrified as Rodri and Todri, undernourished as Camila, run over after being abandoned as Erwin or with "the shot of grace" wrongly given as in the case of Hope.

Between 70 and 80% of our dogs come from hunting. If this activity did not exist, if breeding and holding were properly controlled, if the penalties for animal abuse were stronger ... our paddocks would be almost empty.
[Pictures by  Torben Schmitz]

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ARTURO – I wanna know what love is

When I see Arturo I always hear this song playing in the back of my head; “I wanna know what love is…” Sweet and gentle Arturo, only 3 years old. He wants to trust you, he wants to be near you, but he is a little insecure as you can see in this video:
Arturo is sooo sweet and really wants to be loved! Can you show him what love is? Thank you.
“In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life
I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me”
- Foreigner


IRIA, THE WILD CAT [By Alicia, Scooby’s volunteer]

We get many calls every day, this time of a very special cat. Her owner had passed away and she had been at home living by herself for a month and a half. A person fed her daily but it was the time to get her out of there. We were told that she was fierce and that she didn't allow no one to touch her. I was very surprised that a cat like that lived in a flat with people, so we went to capture that 'wild cat'.
When we arrived we met a very frightened cat, she was very traumatized by the death of her owner. But it did not take much to "capture" her, it seems that the wild cat was not so much.
We took her to Scooby to check and castrate her. There she became much more stressed. She stayed in a corner without moving and barely ate. Seeing her like this broke my heart so, I took her home until we find a forever home for her.
Little by little she is getting used to the house, she needs time and a cosy space where she can feel comfortable. She is learning very fast and 'the wild cat' has turned out to be a wonderful cat, she just needed a little affection and understanding.
Now IRIA, I gave her this name, is looking for a family that understands her, a quiet home where she can feel safe, if she gets that she will be happy and I will be too.