Back from Extremadura...

And we got as far as Almendralejo, from where the caretaker of the refuge there, Mada Sanguino, called us for help and as always, the only help we could give was go and pick up their galgos, and that is what we have done, she had 24 and we took them all in. And now they are here, waiting for a home. We have put the females in patio 1 and one of them must know how to open doors because we found all of them running around, very happy and content, in the patio of the well, so know they are locked up in Paddock 2! And the males we put in some of the cages of 7-2,  and knowing all this, who would think I would go and fight over some dogs in Alicante..
With a wink and kisses, and licks and bites from the dogs for all, Fermin