We went to Cadiz

We received a Facebook message about a problem in Cadiz with some dogs in a very bad shape, also we knew that there are several galgos needing help from the perrera Gesser so Cristina and me went there to rescue several dogs and like always we will help them, they will recover, they will be castrated and after that they will be rehomed, among all of them we rescue a mother galga with her puppies, seven puppies we named her Alba and we will show you , how they grow every day. Please enjoy and donate there are lot more cases of dogs needing help , but without you nothing is possible, we don´t ask too much, only we ask you to help us , so we can help them. Kisses , licks and hugs. Fermin.

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David's Recovery

David was rescued a few weeks ago in Murcia with another greyhound called Pilar. Both needed a surgery urgently because David had one of his front legs broken and Pilar, her hip.
Today, we are going to talk about the recovery of David. Thanks to the speed with which he was taken to the vet and the work of their caretakers, David is improving. Already gaining strength in his leg, he can already put weight on it and every day his walking is getting better. He is recovering very quickly and for every passing day he is a more loving and happy dog. Going through a surgery like this is not easy, especially after a hard life he has had to endure, but this beautiful greyhound is very strong and is eager to resume with a normal life, at a loving home. In no time, David will be ready to meet his new housemates, so we need to strive together to find a home for him.
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Talking to myself

I have been working on animal welfare for around 30 years now and what has changed during all these years?. Some things but not so many , we are still rescuing dogs and cats, we are killing ourselves , just because there are many people who think that we enjoy doing it, my dears , I , sometimes think that we have absolutely the wrong strategy, we should stop doing the dirty job to politicians, hunters and any kind of stupid people and we need to tackle the problem from the roots and those are easy to recognize, the overpopulation of dogs and cats, until we are not able to cut those roots , the tree of the mistreatment will continue.
Nowadays there are a lot of people involved on animal welfare and I don´t see any real changes , I become really angry , when I see that still these things are happening, nobody is given attention to the problem , we remove the stray animals from the view of the general public, so they don´t see the problem, only us, every day more and more dogs,more and more cats and we killing ourselves just to rescue them. Until when? Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín



I have just arrived from another transport , and this has been the fourth one in the last four weekends, so it means that I don´t have a free weekend for myself and my doggies since more than one month, some people think oh, how lucky you are always traveling abroad, let me explain a bit.
I finish working at three o´clock on friday, then fast lunch and preparing the luggage, around five in the afternoon we start driving,  minimum 16 hours and sometimes 20 hours, we reach our destiny on saturday , we download the dogs and cats and then we start loading the van with the donations , when everything is ready we  use to go to eat something, sometimes some shopping , normally food for us or plants or something for our own pets, after that we have dinner and we go to sleep, minimum ten hours sleeping, sunday morning, early breakfast and we start our way back, we use to arrive around one / two in the morning, fast sleeping and the next day at nine in the morning back to school to work, so these are lately my weekends and some people still think how lucky we are. We do it only for our animals and because if not we will never have enough homes for them in Spain, but one day I suppose that everything will change. Kisses, licks and hugs from the traveller. Fermín


New rescue in Palencia

These three little ones were rescued in Palencia in the state you can see in the pictures. Cats that are born on the streets normally get ill easily with diseases such as  calecivirus and herpes, and if they are not treated in time they will surely die. They are in a very delicate state because they are very ill so we have started to treat them immediately. The smallest one is the worst off and we fear he will have to go to the vet to have one of his eyes removed, but being as weak as he is, the vets cannot operate on him now. The next couple of days are going to be decisive for them but we will do whatever we can to make sure they will get better. Wish them luck, and you know you can help us with their veterinary costs. Every day there are more rescues and less funds. Whatever help you can give will make a big difference. Do you want to help us?
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