Sleeping poses

Many people seem to think that galgos need to run or walk a lot. Many times I’ve heard people saying to me: ‘oh your dogs, they need to go out a lot, don’t they?’ Ehm, no. Most of those people only know them from greyhounds races, and yes these dogs run fast and they love to run, but there is only one thing they love more than running. Guess what? Sleeping. People are shocked when I tell them that’s what they do most of the time. Sleeping, preferably on the couch and catching that little stroke of sun coming into the room on their bodies. So when we needed a theme for our project3000 photo contest most of our members voted for sleeping poses. As they not only like sleeping, they also like to take weird positions. Sometimes I really wonder how they can sleep like them… but that is an animal thing, because not only galgos take those weird sleeping positions, the others do so, too…

Please take a look at all these fantastic poses and vote for your favourite 

And we must admit, we have some fantastic sleepers at Scooby too!