Old Tayler – Forgotten dog in Scooby Palencia

Tayler is a very old dog, about 12 years old! And he has been waiting at Scooby Palencia for too long! When Scooby took over the shelter in Palencia on the 1st of January 2015, Tayler was already in this shelter, so he has been there for about two years now and maybe many more. We  think he has been forgotten..

Tayler he is a calm dog (normal for his age) and he is very good with people. He does not like other dogs to live in his territory too much, so he prefers to be in a house as an only dog. This way he also gets the most loving of course.

Old Tayler doesn't want to die in a shelter! Please help him find the home he has been waiting for so long!

Here is a video of sweet Tayler:



Nicolas came a few weeks ago to the Scooby residencia from the perrera provincial from Valladolid. He was in a very bad shape, very skinny, paws thick because of inflammation, tail inflammated, mange all over his body, a heavy cough with green snot in his nose and very long nails, could be because of leishmaniosis. And he is so incredibly sweet, so calm and so thankful, I*m in love...Cobie
PS: In the last photo you can see HOW MUCH he has recovered with the good care given to this poor boy by Cobie!!


What did you do...

...to damage this young soul so deeply in the short space of 3 months?
This question we´d like to ask the former "owner" of this puppy, scared to death of humans.
You will never answer our question, we know, but you did a real good job. But don´t be proud, you coward, as there´s nothing more despicable to achieve than to terrify and injure a helpless creature.
We hope that we can also achieve something. But our goal is to give back to him his trust in humans and heal his wounded little soul. And after this we hope that we will find a wonderful home for him where he can forget what you did to him and where he can become a happy dog.


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World record in gaining weight

Antonia came to Scooby residencia in this state from the perrera provincial from Valladolid on the 5th of october.
Because of the cold nights, we immediately made a princess from her in this awesome coat which a Dutch woman made for our dogs.
She is not scared at all for people, looks very happy, behaves well with all other dogs in the kennel, so, all*s well. Just hungry...
A week later, on the 13th. of october, it was a hot day and we decided to take of her coat to let her skin enjoy a bit the warmth of the sun and what we saw than, we could hardly believe our eyes! It must be a world record in gaining weight!



Podenca rescued in Salamanca

This cute little thing has been rescued in Salamanca  where she has been involved in a car accident. 2 of her feet are injured but it seems it is nothing serious. She is barely one year old, is as sweet as candy and we are looking for a home . Could it be yours?
PS: She will need a surgery in her front leg we just got to know and
we desperately need your help to pay the expenses;-(
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