She was born in the streets of Cuellar and due to the rugged terrain we could not catch her, she has lived all this time in the streets, feeding herself with whatever she could find and what some people brought her, and in the end, after a lot of suffering, infinite love for animals and above all an enormous amount of patience we have managed to pick her up and now she’s with us. She is a semi-galga, perrigalga, or a lurcher as the English would call them since she is not a purebred, but who cares. As you can imagine from her history she is a bit scared, not really a surprise. And galgo or perrigalgo, you’re going to have to teach her some manners, not in vain because like I said she has lived in the streets all this time, but I am sure that in some place there will be a golden basket for Carolina, even though lately I am starting to doubt it because the adoption thing has come to a startling halt, now that we need adoption homes because we have a lot of dogs, and now it looks that there are no adoptions, maybe it’s a matter of politics, who knows, but I am sure that for Carolina we will find her a place in this world, like Adolfo would say.
Greetings, kisses, purrs and licks from the animals, Fermin