And we went to the Costa del Sol..

and precisely to Malaga, we were called by a perrera called El Paraiso where they had a lot of galgos that were going to be put down and because this year I got completely crazy and with all the reforms being done we have much more room for dogs, so we decided to go and pick them up. Another truck full that we got from the Costa del Sol. The truth is that with this one we pretty much are ready with all the pickups we had planned and I must say that we have had pickups in all the galgo regions of Spain, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Andalucia, Murcia, Madrid and the Valencia region, we went to all those places where they asked for our help and I am proud to say that Scooby made sure that no galgo was going to put down during this time. Now we are going to slow down a bit, put them on the webpage, encourage you to adopt them now that the reservations have slowed down too and try to empty the refuge a bit. We really need to do that because, just to give you a number, between the 4 locations of Scooby we have used over 2000 kilos of food in a week, and as you can imagine that is a lot of money so we do need all your help we can get.

Loving kisses, bites, purrs and licks from the animals, Fermin

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