Short news

As we are in the era of the images instead of the word, I will give you some short updates with a lot of images. Gracia, our mare was very sick last tuesday and we called the vet who confirmed she wasn’t feeling well because she had a colic. With horses it’s a serious disease but he also told us it was probably cause because she was pregnant and almost due, so here we are again, pregnant  and waiting and so far things are going well, the colic was gone without any problem.
The donkey is doing a lot better, she no longer falls and she’s a little troublemaker sometimes. She doesn’t trust humans at all so occasionally you have to watch out for a little kick or so, so we are attentive. We have trimmed the hooves and cut part of her hair.
We collected a new goat.. the vet Benavente called us to say they had picked up a goat and obviously didn’t know what to do with it so as a result, here it is with us, this will surely not be a surprise.
The construction of the new hospital is going well, and it really is still very necessary because the number of operations we perform there is huge and you will realize that when we will let you know this years statistics, that are, as always, spectacular.
Kisses and affectionate licks, Fermin


Puppies, puppies and more puppies

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore I will post a series of videos of our puppies, it really is madness, the amount of puppies that we have collected. We still have some of Silke’s pups but also have received many more litters. This really is an ongoing thing, in this country we have become very civilized so we no longer drown pups at birth, but yet we are not civilized enough to sterilize the females, so we really are promoting the issue of castration, but since it is very early still and I will keep you posted , but for now please adopt these very many and very funny pups. Kisses and affectionate licks, Fermin


Mérida Galgos in Paddock 1 - SCOOBY -TV

When I received the 2 movies for making a Scooby TV of them and publish I must admit that I was deeply touched about this amazing change and even more I was proud. Proud of Scooby, proud of the people on site, proud of our friends who enable us with their donations, finacially and materially, the Project 3000 and the Virtual Adoption Program to care about those who would be lost without us. We are a winning team and 12 of our top prices you can see here !! Christiane



Promotion, promotion and promotion.

In Scooby we never stop, we are all always moving and creating  events to promote the adoption of our animals. Under the slogan "Do not buy, adopt" we organized a “Pet Day” in Zamora, Salamanca, Medina del Campo and Laguna de Duero. But The Big Day will be next December, 22nd, Sunday in Valladolid, when we will be together in a funny  meeting, even with presents for the best disguise in Valladolid, Zamora and Salamanca. Always with the slogan “Do not buy, adopt” in order to let people know that animals are not toys. We need a lot people to help us coming, because we'll go for a walk disguised with our pets in a fun and vindictive plan. ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS. I hope the people who belong to the association may come along disguised with their pet. We will be seen and we'll also be laughter. You are invited!!

We need your help 3

For us, our animals come first and our volunteers second, so if we put them together it comes to improving the safety on our travels with the animals so we have decided to put winter tires on the transport van where we transport our dogs in, and it really is costly, these wheels are very expensive but the safety is paramount. Kisses, hugs and loving neighing, Fermin


The Merida dogs 2 weeks after arrival

These are the photos that were taken for adding them to the Adoption page. So they will be ready to be reserved by you very soon! Look in their eyes and you can see that there is already a big difference compared to 2 weeks ago, life coming back to their eyes!
And once again,  a giant thank you to all our faithful friends who help with their donations to make also these rescues with huge follow-up costs possible for us!! We are very grateful on behalf of all the animals in need that we can count on you!


Requiem for Gala

Gala is the last female galgo we picked up from the doghouse, they intented to hang her but she must have been able to get away from that terrible fate, and somebody found her and brought her to the doghouse where we went to pick her up, she has just given birth so the most probable thing is that they have killed the pups and then they tried to hang her.  I won’t tell you all there is to it, because if I did I would end up with one bad word after another. Greetings, sad greetings, Fermin