There is life after abuse

Last june we rescued Paloma from the hell of Bullas. She was there surrounded by corpses of other horses, feeding herself with the remains of potato chips and in a state that would cause nightmare to any human being. Fortunately we decided to bring her and her family to our sanctuary so she could get better and you can imagine our surprise when we found that Paloma was going to be a mom!  Claudia arrived in this world in October, a precious little filly with curled hair that made us completely fall in love with her. She is now 4 months old and you can tell how strong, healthy and happy she is. Even though Paloma had a terrible life before, now she has completely recuperated and even if she will never forget what happened to her, we know that she will never have to suffer again and she can raise her little one knowing that she is safe and nothing bad is ever going to happen to her again. Happy 8 months with us Paloma, and… happy 4 months Claudia! We hope you will celebrate a lot more! We love you little one!!! ♥♥♥
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The numbers at Scooby increase

These days, trying to find a little time to make up the balance and compare notes on the number of cats and dogs that we have picked up and have been adopted, we realize that for both years, 2013 and 2014, the numbers have increased.
2014 has been a hard year in all senses, a lot of rescues, a lot of pick ups, less income, the numbers don’t match. And even though numbers don’t LIVE, they affect the most part of our LIFE in all possible ways.
While in 2013 we picked up 861 dogs and 859 were adopted, in 2014 we have reached more than 1000 pickups, 1181 actually, while the number of adoptions has reached 1095.
Regarding the cats, in 2013 we had 120 pickups, against 110 adoptions in the same period. During 2014 the number of pickups has gone down to 110, but then also the number of adoption has decreased to 92.
In February of 2015 we had on our premises 559 dogs and 78 cats, very high numbers, especially in dogs, even though we have reached these peak numbers before.
We know we are sending you loads of requests for donations in all possible ways, but there are a lot of times that the daily business is getting very difficult, we worry, nights without sleep, thinking about new ways and possibilities to help find other means to improve the situation for our animals.
All the time more people and more organisations are getting in touch with us to give us notices,  ask and beg for help in saving different animals. Scooby has one big problem and that is that we can’t say NO. But if we continue like this there will come a time that with pain in our heart we will have to use that word NO. Because the situation is becoming untenable, because the food and the veterinary care is not the same for refuges of 100 or 200 animals, as it is for us because we feed, care and protect more than 1400 animals of all variety (dogs, cats,  goats, cattle, sheep, ducks, horses, pigs, ferrets, rabbits, raccoons, pigeons, pheasants, chickens, roosters, partridges ...).
We want to share this information with all of you because we believe it is important you understand what we face every day, that you understand that we lack the time, the resources, the helping hands, but on the other side we also have the will to continue fighting, that we have a lot of love to give, and even though things are difficult , we will not let it spoil our mood. But we need you, we need to get known out there, to get where so far we have not been able to get and to achieve that, YOU can help us. Become a team of the Scooby group, of our social networks, share with your friends, distribute our information. With a single click you can help us and that will have its effect on the benefit of our/your animals.


A very lucky coincidence

Last week a man popped up at a vet in Zamora with a puppy and demanded to put him to sleep because of a genetic problem in his hind right knee. He has a Rehala ( pack of 20-40 dogs of different breeds used for hunt on deer) and this result of his breeding was useless as the only warranty for a life here is the ability to hunt. But the vet is also the Scooby vet in Zamora and he refused to  euthanize the puppy and by pure coincidence Jesé, one of our workers in Zamora, also popped up there and asked the man to hand the dog over to him as he would otherwise was going to "euthanize" the puppy himself with kicks. So this cute little thing is now save at Scooby...BUT we need to pay for the surgery on his knee. And here we are again, asking you for financial help!
Maybe you think that we are crazy and maybe you are right, we are too crazy to turn a blind eye on animals in need, what would often be much better for our finances, but we simply CAN´T as we don´t think in numbers on first hand but in lives and then hope that you will help us with the numbers!
So please also help us in this case with one of the following options!

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Update: Jesé is also fostering the little girl now until she can travel into a family, thank you, Jesé!

Important petition to sign for our friends in the UK

This petition can be signed only by people living in the UK.

Dear GC members,
Here is an on-line preview of an article in today’s Sunday Times about the massive scale of the injury statistics on British greyhound racetracks.
This underlines the importance of signing the League Against Cruel Sports petition :

The petition calls for strengthened legal protection for racing greyhounds.  We need to reach 100,000 signatures so that this matter can be debated in Parliament.  Please circulate to your contacts.

Please also write to your MP to draw his/her attention to the Sunday Times article and the need for independent regulation.  Some useful tips for the letter are below:

In March 2010 the government published the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations (2010).  Statutory regulations were brought in under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 which became legally  binding in England on 6 April 2010.  The statutory regulations are limited in scope and  allow the industry to regulate itself.  The regulations are due to be reviewed in 2015.  An independent body has to oversee regulation.

Please urge your MP to call for the following:
  • An independent body to oversee regulation of the greyhound racing industry.
  • Transparency about breeding, import/export, transport, kennelling, injuries, retirement, rehoming and euthanasia.
  • There should be full public disclosure of all regulatory and enforcement activity within the industry.
  • The use of testosterone to suppress oestrus, and anabolic steroids, should be prohibited.
  • There should be a system that allows tracking of every dog from birth.
  • There should be a statutory requirement for tracks, trainers and owners to rehome all greyhounds bred for racing.
  • There should be a licensing regime for British breeders together with joint initiatives between DEFRA and the devolved nations of the UK and Irish government over breeding and the trade in greyhounds.

A Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) report by the Independent Anti-doping and Medication Control Review in 2010 acknowledged anecdotal evidence that cocaine has been witnessed being administered to greyhounds to create a rush just before entering the traps.  Reprimands have been issued to trainers found guilty of doping.  The GBGB should also be reporting these offences to the police.  Surely the racing industry should be concerned about the presence of prohibited substances in an environment which is marketed as entertainment.  Trackside audience includes  very young children and teenagers circulating around the greyhound stadium where alcohol and betting are part of the fabric of the track’s customer experience.

Greyhound Compassion


Greyhound live baiting exposé shocks Australia

Please be aware that the movies are really hard to bear.
But PLEASE sign the petition though! You can do it here and if you scroll down straight you don´t need to watch the video on the petition site.
Dear all,
As you will all be aware by now, greyhound racing in Australia is in complete meltdown after this week's revelations of widespread live baiting. The ABC's Four Corners (Australia's most reputable current affairs program) expose on Monday has shocked the nation and the fall out is unprecedented. You can watch the full Four Corners story here, but be prepared for some gruesome scenes.
GREY2K USA Worldwide has collaborated with our Australian colleagues from the beginning of this endeavour, which started with major undercover operations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland in three states. We have just released an email to our supporters which provides you with a summary of the situation. You can read it here. Alternatively, you can go straight to the joint campaign site to take action. Non-Australians can select their country under 'Take Action Now' (towards the bottom of the page) so that a petition to the Federal Government will appear that can be signed by anyone.
This won't be over and brushed under the carpet very soon. All three state governments have called for independent reviews of the industry's governance and the NSW Minister has told the CEO and full Board of Greyhound Racing NSW to resign, which they did. Prosecutions of all those caught involved in live baiting will also take quite a while and will continue to haunt the industry.
Jeroen van Kernebeek
Australian Director
GREY2K USA Worldwide

Stories to keep you awake

At Scooby not a day goes by that nothing „strange“ happens. Let me tell you:
A couple of days ago we received a phonecall from a lady telling us she wanted to bring in her two cats and her dog, because her daughter had become allergic to them. All of a sudden.  We of course want to help everybody within our capacity but right now the refuge is very full and therefore we told her that we unfortunately could not help her.  The strange thing is that a couple of days later, a woman comes in with her daughter to bring a dog which supposedly they had found in front of their house, completely clean and quiet, and when we asked about him, the daughter let it slip that he was 8 years old. How she could know when she had just found him, is a mystery. Oh well, for the benefit of the dog we pretended to be dumb and let the dog stay.  But the story doesn’t end there.. two minutes later another woman comes in with two daughters and two cats who looked like they had been wearing a collar, well fed, clean and completely relaxed, and she said that (what a coincidence) they were found in front of their house. We don’t want to be overly suspicious but after seeing all this it would be very difficult not to think that these animals were from the same lady who has lied to our face shamelessly just to get them into the refuge.  These animals were not registered so we cannot prove it, but we just feel this is the case. The refuges for animals have been started to house abandoned animals, without owners, and if for one reason or another you can no longer take care of your animal, it is your responsibility and yours only, not the responsibility of the refuge.
Even so we have so far always taken them up, but please, all the people that work here are not stupid, although sometimes for the benefit of the animal we pretend to be.
The only thing that remains is pray that there will be someone who will give these poor creatures a second chance, after such a long time of loyalty the only thanks they got is being dumped in our refuge. We worry about their health because they are obviously scared and depressed. If you want to enlarge your family, think of them, they need you!