How can an animal protection with refuge be useful?

Obviously it serves to collect abandoned animals up to its full capacity and make sure that the animals have a dignified life.
It serves to take care of the collected animals, vaccinate them, deworm them treat their physical wounds and the more intangible ones inflicted by human beings; the wounds of the soul, their fears and phobias etc. etc.
It serves to house them in the refuge as long as they are happy and, unfortunately, money allows.
It serves to put them to sleep if this is the best option for them.
It serves, without doubt, to release them for adoption to a home where they will be loved and cared for, they have not chosen to be born, so it is our task to make sure they have the best possible life.
It serves to report animal abuse of any kind, but of course with the help and assistance of the right authorities and the people who are witness to it. It is too easy to think that the animal organization will have to do it and cowardly not report it yourself, thinking you might get into trouble if you do.
It serves to prevent abandonment and abuse, as if abandonment isn’t the same thing as abuse, by arranging visits to the refuge, organizing open house days, and presenting ourselves in other places such as schools, markets and fairs to get our voices heard.
It serves to take up animals that do have owners in extreme cases, like people who have to go to a retirement home that doesn’t allow animals, it really hurts to see these people that have to leave behind the only thing that really loves them and that they love themselves as their pet,  or like this case of 5 dogs that belonged to a South American immigrant, he tried to take them with him any possible way but the transport would cost him 700 dollars for every dog and with a lot of pain for him and his son, they had to leave them here so we could find them a home.

Or the other case that Alicia told me about, of this dog that remained next to his dead owner since three days.
It serves to give veterinary treatment to animals that their owner is not capable of, thanks to the damn crisis.
My dear reader, please check if your refuges serves to do all this.
With loving bites, licks and purrs from the animals,