We need help for our clinic!

Day after day new animals are arriving at the Scooby clinic that need to be attended to. Every day we spend a lot of medication and veterinary material and we need you to help us so we won’t be without. The costs are very high and  as we said, every day more animals are coming in  very bad condition that need immediate attention. We know we are always asking you for your support, but you are our salvation and our strength. Everybody can lend a hand in whatever way possible, there are a lot of options and all of them are making sure that we can continue to save lives.  Do you want to help us? Become a TEAMING member for just 1 euro a month:
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If you cannot help us financially, you can spread our publications, get other people to know our refuge, our Facebook page and inspire people to help us. Every initiative is welcome!

Karim and his difficult start in life

Just over 2 months ago we were very happy when Karim got adopted by a family in Salamanca. We thought we finally found the ideal family for him but we were wrong, very wrong. One day late in the afternoon we received a call from his family saying that something was happening to Karim. When they explained, we knew automatically that he had parafimosis and that they needed to take him to a vet quickly.  When the vet saw him, he had to operate on him immediately and fortunately the operation was a success but it was very important that he would be watched after  that  so the sutures would not open again. Since then Karim has done nothing but go in and out the vets office and today, after more than a month, the poor thing continues to have an infection in his penis because this pup has not received the attention and care he needed. Fortunately this little one is no longer with this family, we have found some volunteers ready to take him in but they can only foster him for a few days and we cannot allow for him to come back to the refuge after all he has been through. If he would have received the necessary care, he would have been completely recovered. This little one has passed the first months of his life without being able to play, to socialize and run. Therefore we are asking for a RESPONSIBLE adoption for him, by somebody who knows how to take care of him in the last stages of his recovery and who can give him the life he always was meant to have. Look at his little face, who can resist him?


Adopt a mixed breed from Scooby!

We want you to get to know a couple of very special dogs at Scooby. These precious things are our mixed breed dogs, unique and special and you won’t find the same one anywhere!
Neither one oft hem looks like any other, not in physical appearance but also in character and each and every one made us fall in love with them for different reasons. The only thing we want for them is to help them make their dream come true: find themselves a home!  All of us who have adopted a mixed breed know the incredible thing you get in return; these poor things have gone a long time without the warmth of a family, seeing the years go by without anybody giving them a second look and saying goodbye to friends in the refuge who were luckier because of their breed.  And when they are finally adopted, they give you EVERYTHING. You will never find a dog that adores you more, nor more loyal or grateful. All of us who have experienced this want to encourage you to adopt one of them and that you share that experience with others so not one of them stays without finding a home. In them meantime, we present you four of the dogs that are with us the longest while hoping you can see how incredible they are.

Cadero (since 2013) we call him the quiet man. His name says it all: noble, peaceful and very loving. He has a wound on his hip but you can only tell if you look closely. He is a great watchdog and takes care of his people.
Happy (since 2013) This rebel in the refuge is playful, kind and active. He is more clever than you give him credit for and always asking to be petted.
Peppa (since 2012) She is a very discreet little princess, reserved and independent, but also very loving. She looks at you with those beautiful eyes and runs to you to get her belly scratched.
Sammy (since 2014) arrived when he was only 2 months old and we saw him grow up in the refuge. He is the handsomest guy in patio 8. He is quiet and sensitive and only wants you to hug him and give him attention.
These guys are not the only mixed breeds that are special and in need of a home at Scooby, we have a lot more! If you want to adopt them, go to our website and get to know  them!
Adopt and save a life:


Zipi, Zape and Nana are getting better.

Our little puppies Zipi, Zape and Nana are getting a bit better every day. Even though we feared for their lives in the beginning, things progressed very well and although they are still getting medication, we hope that they will be ready soon to find themselves a home. They are real champions! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP67zNmCw8I&feature=youtu.be



We have a lot of cases of abused animals and a lot of dogs to promote to find them a home. But the story of this little one is especially moving. Surely Currito (our volunteer Carolina from Cuellar has called him that) has been wandering around for some time around  the area of Cuellar, lost and without a chip, walking up to people when some youngsters (you have to call them something), with a bit too much to drink at 5 in the morning, decided he could be an interesting toy.  They formed a ring and decided to kick him around and make him drink alcolhol. If a brave girl would not have intervened, who took him and reported it to thepolice, what would have become of him?
Thanks to this brave girl, Currito with his honeycolored eyes, is now at Scooby, waiting to be able to put his trust in humans again.
He is a small dog, max of 40 cm high, weighs about 8-10 kg and should be about 1.5 years old. We can assure you that even with these brainless twats hurting him, he is very loving, quiet and does not pull the leash, he is a real treasure.
Who wants to give Currito the love he deserves and receive his in return?


Our clinic is full

Here at Scooby we continue our work to rescue animals. So right now, our clinic is completely full. Daily, we are treating in our clinic all kinds of infections, mange, bites, pneumonia, parvo, breaks, eye infections, we have to give daily medicines to chronically ill dogs and if that was not enough,  people without any scruples leave litters of pups at our doors that we have to bottlefeed and of course give them medical treatment because they end up sick being so little.  We are completely  out of our depth, our vets are working around the clock to help all the animals but we are getting desperate.   And then comes the economic problem, imagine the veterinary costs involved to help all these animals get better. We are in need of your help to cover the costs of all these medical treatments.
If you want to help us, you can do so by:

Becoming Teamer for 1 EUR a month https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
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It would help us greatly if you can help spread this message, the more people know, the more help we can receive. We can all help as much as we can. For now: THANK YOU!