Gilbert, story of a forgotten dog.

Gilbert is a dog like many, small, no race, anonymous.
You don't realize immediately that he's not an ordinary dog, that he has big eyes, that he's silent of with silence that echoes, that begs a caress more than a bowl of food.
If you don't look carefully, day after day, you don't realize how special he is.
Who knows him, can't forget Gilbert, and a lot of people have taken him in their heart, because many have passed the hallway of the paddock 7 in this year and a half he is staying there.
Forgotten by his owner, on standby, as an home appliance, but with less value than a home appliance.
Gilbert is free from today, finally is adoptable, now needs a family that will make him forget years of nothing and make up for the lost time!



Alma wandered for months in a small town of Zamora, begging for food, until she found a good-hearted person who left her food every day and a small dog house to hide. Unfortunately she never trusted to the point of getting caught, until today, reduced to a bag of bones and exhausted, she finally surrendered.
She's very debilitated, anemic, and positive to leishmania.
She's currently on a drip, eats - although too little - and makes mini walks, we are trying desperate to save her, she does not deserve that this short life ends in nothing.


Food is underway!

First and above all, we at Scooby are very grateful for all the gifts, donations and support we get from you.  Although at times this is giving us logistical problems...
Each time we drive back to Spain from another one of our dog transports to bring dogs to their new homes, we return with a van loaded with food, blankets, medicine etc.
So much that last time we almost got fined because we were overloaded!
But there was so much left of goods that you had donated that still needed to be taken to Spain, especially dogfood.  So we really needed to do something about that because we don't want you to think we are not happy with the food you donated, and instead of having it stored in a warehouse, we would prefer to have this food in the belly of our dogs!

Fortunately, through Cobie's contacts we found a company willing to bring the food to Spain, but now we had to arrange for the all the food (mind you: we were talking about approx 8000 kg!) to be  delivered there  in Zeewolde.
So, we send our Mr Muscles.. actually,  two of them (Pablo and Said)  to the Netherlands and Belgium, and after delivering dogs to Galgos Ardenne Bleu in Belgium first, they started to collect, load and unload all the food that was stored on the various locations, collected by Vanessa, Lucy and Jacinta.. there was so much they even got help from a friend of one of our volunteers who drives a van!  To give you an idea, they had between them 3 or 4 runs to just get one location cleared!  After two runs, what you see in the picture is what still remained to be transported!

But all in all.. the food is underway, our dogs won't go hungry.. And we really do appreciate all your support  for which we thank you, with a special thanks to Cynthia for her help, please keep the donations coming, we will find a way to get it to our doggies' bellies!


The way from being Deborah to Rafaello

Animals will never stop surprising me, some years ago we got three pheasants Lady Amherst, that we thought that they were three females, one of them died long time ago and there were two left, one use to lay eggs every year, with her next and everything, because they were exactly the same we thought that they were both of them laying eggs and having their nest one after the other. Until this moment, everything is normal but these autumn something has happen, Deborah tired of being Deborah has decided to become a male, , has changed completely her feathers and now he has become Rafaello with more and more male feathers every day, anyway I will never stop getting surprises with the animals. Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín  



Brio is a special case.

He's a podenco puppy and has arrived with his brothers when was only one month old, full of ticks and fleas, with bad eyes and skin in bad conditions.
Many exam have been made and at the end the problem seems to be allergy, at some food or medicine.
Despite all, Brio is an happy dog, lovely and playful.
At now he's in foster with a volunteer, but he cannot stay for a long time.
He's perfect at home, with dogs and humans, very sweet and cuddly with humans, happy with the other dogs.
He's looking for a forever home that could take care of him.
Video of Brio: