What is NOT the purpose of an animal protection with refuge or at least it should not be.

It does not serve as a warehouse of animals, animals are living beings and all need a home.
It does not serve as a breeding ground for animals by joining males and females, the homes that take in puppies cannot be used as homes to place any adult that has not asked to be born and that got to us because of somebody’s senseless doing.  Fundamental issues are sterilization and castration, also when some female arrives here pregnant.
It does not serve to cure our frustrations, for this there are psychologists, a little more expensive but certainly better therapy.
It does not serve for anybody wanting to get rich at the cost of the animals.
It does not serve to satisfy your need of prominence and importance
It does not serve to satisfy our need of power, power over what? Some poor animals and poor volunteers that think you are the big saviour of animals; a sad thing if somebody gets involved in animals rescue because of that reason and believe me there are a lot of people like that and I know many of them.
It does not serve to make animal abandonment easier by picking up unwanted animals without a problem; this would only be just another version of abandonment.
It does not serve as a dumping ground for galgueros and hunters who want to get rid of their dogs and I don’t want any emotional blackmail that if we don’t they will have to kill then, because what they need to do is to uphold the laws and all these animals are subject to the laws.
It does not serve as a pickup service, for the official authorities are abusing the love of animals that we people have so they don’t have to pay at all or not enough for the service of picking up the abandoned animals for them, leaving it all to us.
It does not serve as a free veterinary service because you “just don’t feel like paying for it”.
It does not serve as a collection service of your animals when you go on holidays, this is called a holiday home for dogs, not a refuge.
It does not serve as an escape to forget about those animals that will never be able to find an adoption home and you leave them there because you don’t want to take the responsibility of having to put them to sleep painlessly.
Dear reader, check that your refuge does not serve for these things.
Loving kisses and hugs and licks and purrs from the dogs.. Fermin