Another tragedy

the same history , we can change the words , the names and
then , it will be the same, it is a case of a hoarder in Cadiz, it seems that
she has 50 dogs like this and they have asked us for help , and now I am going
to repeat myself, we cannot help them , if you don´t help us, please allow us
too help them, donate we are in desperate need of money for helping all these
little creatures. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín



We present you Guapo (handsome).

As you can see he looks a bit peculiar. His jawbone was broken a long time ago and it surely must have caused him a lot of pain and trouble eating. He arrived at our premises today and already he made friends with all of us. Guapo is an independent dog, loving and sure of himself. The vets still need to take some tests but we are sure he will be ready for his new home shortly.  Guapo is a wonderful dog who is waiting for someone to notice him.. are you the one?
Thanks for your help.




We are happy to introduce Perla and Bruss, two of the cutest
and funniest little dogs in Scooby.
These adorable little dogs found themselves living in the Scooby shelter
after their owner had to make the difficult decision to part with them
due to personal circumstances.
It was sad to see them looking so lost and confused when they
first arrived, not understanding where they were and why they were here.
But it took only a short time before they came out of their shells, and
then danced their way in to all of our hearts…….
Perla is blind, and relies on having her companion Bruss near her side,
though she is such a funny and happy character and very independent, and
she manages to find her way around and adapt to new surroundings
incredibly well.
Bruss is such a happy guy, he adores people and makes a little happy
dance when he sees you coming, with Perla dancing along right beside
him, especially if you are carrying their favourite food - sausages!!!!
Both dogs are so loving and affectionate, and bounce all over each other
to be the first to get a hug.
As Perla and Bruss have been together through all of their lives, we are
looking for a very special family who is willing to adopt them together,
as it would not be fair to separate them, especially as Perla is reliant
on Bruss who acts as a great guide when she needs him.
If you would like to know more about Perla and Bruss, and are interested
in adopting them, please contact us.
They will bring a lot of fun, smiles and happiness to your lives.



Moore is just a perfect Galgo perfect but....

...he is still here! Since February. Why? We really don´t know but we know that we want to change this!
Moore is a beautiful and impressing black male of noble character 7 years old. The opposite of being dominant, that´s why he has severly been bullied in his former paddock and also in the new one it starts again. Once a victim, always a victim also seems  to apply on him.
So he needs a home soon and we repeat ourselves when we say that we don´t understand why it didn´t work out for him so far.
The only thing we need to tell you is that he cannot live with cats.
GIve him a chance and you will get a calm, mature, stable, kind and affectionate companion for life!



David and Pilar

These are two galgos that we have rescued from Murcia, our friend Maria told me on sunday about these two , David has a broken leg and Pilar a broken hip so the …………..owner, fill the most appropriate adjective for you, was going to kick them out and abandon them , so another two surgeries more needed and we have four until now and the hunting season only just started, they are at this moment at Mediterraneo , we will never be able to thank them enough and obviously my dears we will need your help again, I know ,know that we are always crying for help but we are not the ones to blame , please blame the ……………….owners that are not able to spend any money on their dogs. THEY ARE REALLY GEORGEOUS SO PLEASE DON LET THEM DOWN. Kisses, licks and……….Fermin
Fill in the blanks what your imagination allows you. 

PS Both had their surgeries meanwhile!



Susana and Carla

These  are two dogs, both females,  that came from Murcia, they are small , but they are really traumatized , so traumatized that one even bite me, nothing serious , bit I am sure that they will recover in a home environment, they need to be able to have confidence on the humans again, the bite was not very painful and I am still complete, so that is not a reason for not giving them a trial. Please I am sure that you have fingers enough so you don mind to loose one or two. Jokes apart If you are their golden heart , please contact us.Kisses, licks and ………….from all of us. Fermín


And we went to Murcia

Like always I went just to enjoy the sun and the good food, but also I wanted to see some friends, so I got in contact with Marina from Bullas , and we were talking and something happened , something that I will tell you on another update. I met Raquel and my conversation will be another update , but this time I want to explain my conversation with Maria from Mazarrón , she is the one who rescues galgos and podencos in the area of Murcia for us, but this time she needed help, she is an animal lover and she rescues any kind of dogs, for some reasons she is going to loose her driving license , so she cannot go anymore to the places where she had the dogs to feed them and that is why she asked us to help the animals , taking them to the shelter and we did , Cristina took yesterday the van and went to Murcia to rescue 30 mixes, some podencos and podenco mixes , two galgos , that is also another update , plus two cocks, obviously all of them are special and all of them need a home, there are several timid ones and I will write several updates about them, because I want to focus on them, by the way in the downloading some pooed and peed on me because of their fear and even one did bite me , but nothing really serious, I still have two hands and twenty fingers. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin