Here comes Spring

Even though temperatures don’t feel like it, Spring is on its way, as you can see with our birds, busying themselves with their nests, and though we have a tendency to take away the eggs all the time, sometimes some birds succeed in keeping some stoleaways, as happened with our ducks the other day, succesfully hiding 12 ducklings, few of which will survive as they are easily killed by birds of prey.  Spring is coming as can be seen with our geese who are fighting among themselves to win the favours of a female, and who become quite aggressive sometimes in their attempts to guard their family. Spring is coming with millions of abandoned galgos in all the shelters, you saw the volumes we already took in but still there are more and more coming, all abandoned, white, black, brindle, males females as to us there is no distinction whatsoever, they are all precious to us, each and every life counts, and now we need your voice because Scooby is filled to the brim with dogs ready to be adopted and all of this is because Spring is coming, kisses, nibbles and licks from the dogs for everyone.  Fermín