Help me forget my past – AMY

Dear human hands,
I know you a little by now. I know what you can do to me. I have experienced the bad kind and the good kind. I prefer the good kind. Those hands tickle me on places I love to be tickled! Those hands rub me on places I can’t reach myself. I love those hands. They help me feel good. I am lucky that we don’t have mirrors in this nice shelter so I can’t see the scars that remind me of my past as a hunting dog. I prefer the future, definitely. A future full of sweet human hands that constantly tickle me, rub me and pet me. Do you have those hands? Then I think we’re a match made in heaven!
Here you see a short video of Amy, the sweet black Galgo girl of only 2 years old:


I’m special because I’m me! - RUBY

Hellooooo!! I’m special because I’m me! I am Ruby, a happy Galgo-mix. Not a pure-bred Galgo, nor a mix, but a Galgo-mix, so one of my parents is a Galgo. I guess my mom. I live at Scooby with my Galgo friends whom I love to play with, especially the males. I have lots of energy and I’m always in a good mood. Always! So if you come to play with me, I love to run and jump around in the paddock and hug you. But there is one thing I love even more: being stroked or petted. I just can’t get enough of it! My perfect day would be to go for a long walk and play and afterwards lay my head on your lap and be stroked until I fall asleep. This is what I dream of every night when I go to bed here at the shelter. And I wake up the next morning and hope I’m in a warm home with a great family. So far it’s only a dream. Could it be a reality soon? I hope so...
Watch me in this video, loving the cuddles!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yN1Z7-orcM
Ruby is a beautiful female dog, she is 3,5 years old and has been living at Scooby for 11 months now.