Hello, this is Aurora, she was picked up in Salamanca, in Aldeatejada to be precisely.  I have told you many times the people who are sensitive to the plight of abandoned animals all find us because they know what to look for,  I am saying this because some of our ‘noses’ in Salamanca managed to sniff out Aurora, took her to a vet and then brought her here,  so she came to us like Aida and was separated from the other dogs, we make sure we cure her and put her up for adoption immediately. If you want to be the one to adopt her we can guarantee you that she is absolutely adorable,  she neither barks nor even looks at the cats, all she does right now is eat and sleep.  Maybe she will become more lively in the future, there may be some bumps for her in the road ahead but right now if you can adopt her or help us pay for her medical expenses, that would be very welcome. 
With kind regards, Fermín.