Wish Scooby a merry Christmas

We see the billboards, the advertisements on television and the numerous brochures in the mail, we cannot miss it… it’s almost Christmas again. All over the world families take time for eachother to spend these special days together. We  put the heating up and close the curtains early so we won’t notice the cold outside and can sit comfortably together.
We want to share this period with everybody, also with the people who are not so fortunate. It is the celebration of light with peace for man and animal.
In Medina del Campo it is going to be very very cold. And maybe also a time for the people working at Scooby to miss their loved ones, even though they are giving their best for the animals voluntarily.
Would you want to express your gratitude to the many volunteers at Scooby who work continuously, day and night and in all kinds of weather to ensure the care and wellbeing of the animals, and wish them a merry Christmas?
Or would you want to treat the animals of Scooby by giving them something extra?
Please don’t hesitate and send them a package with goodies! Send it to

Calle San Francisco 3
47400 Medina del Campo
On the internet you can find many ways to ship your package in an economic way.


Vicio – “Hey pssst… I will tell you a secret!”

“Hey pssstt! Come here.. Yes, come closer, I will tell you a secret!”

- Okay, I am here, tell me!

“I will tell you, but first you have to rub my belly.”

- (I am rubbing his belly..) 

“Hmm yes, that feels good! I love it when you rub my belly! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Oh, you stopped.. Okay, you want to hear my secret?”

- Yes please tell me! I am very curious now!

“My secret is…. That I don’t have a secret! Hahaha! I just tricked you into rubbing my belly, hahaha..”

- I don’t understand? Why do you do that?

Because I have been living in this shelter for almost 1 year and I hardly get special attention. And this way I trick at least some people to rub my belly for a while.. And I love it so much.”

- Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that Vicio. I hope you will get adopted soon.

“Me too, but after a year I am really starting to think that they have forgotten about me.. Uhm hello?? Oh, you have gone too.. Left me all alone again…”


Roki: do you want to play with me?

 Hello! I am Roki, a handsome Galgo, don’t you think? Do you want to play with me?  Even when it’s only for a little while. At least it is something to make my time here at Scooby a little bit better now that the winter is coming. My second one here. And I remember last winter: cold and dark, almost nobody came by.. And I love people so much!! Would you please adopt me, so I don’t have to spend this winter at Scooby but in your home? Please?!
Look at me having fun in this video:



As another hunting season has begun, Scooby is again drowning in Galgos.
Many of last years rescued Galgos are still here, as well as many more who arrived and still arrive by the day. We have many arriving with serious injuries, some recovering from surgeries, some traumatised galgos who need urgently to leave the shelter to get the help they need, hundreds of adults (most of which are males), so many puppies, and this is just the galgos, we also have an unusually large amount of mixed breeds.

We are facing a situation where we may not be able to rescue many more, until we have been able to place the hundreds that are in our care across our 4 shelters. And now the winter is coming, our Galgos are shivering in their baskets, and they deserve to feel the warmth of a cosy home.

We call on our rehoming partners to continue the great work you do to find loving homes for our many galgos, in order that we can continue to rescue many more.

And to all of our supporters, Please also help with our overbearing costs to continue our work, without it we cannot keep rescuing, and we are feeling the pressure more now than ever before.

From all of our long nosed friends – Thank you

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK