Jesita, an unexpected present

On a cold morning we arrived at the refuge in Zamora and we found that somebody had left us a “present” at the door. It already has become normal that we find these cases of abandoned animals in the morning and when we saw the box we automatically thought that there would be a litter inside. We were surprised to find an little dog of advanced age, scared and completely blind. Her eyes are completely white, glassy and she will never recover her sight. How can somebody let a dog come to this stage?  Maybe if it were treated you could not have prevented it  to happen but surely it would not have come to this extreme state. Jesita spends her time inside her kennel with her head against the wall, disoriented and frightened. She panicks when she hears somebody getting near and only calms down when she recognizes us. She is totally misplaced and does not feel well so we need to find her a  home as soon as possible.  But before that it is VERY URGENT we find her a foster home first. We are also going to need help to pay for her medication, which would be only a cream but it’s an expensive one. After being a loyal companion for 15 years, her reward has been cruel abandonment. We don’t have any words to express the helplessness and the anger we feel when we see cases like this. Unfortunately we have to accept the situation and the only thing we  can do is hope that somebody will feel pity for her and can give her a home where she won’t be scared anymore and can live in peace for the rest of her life.
If you want to help us pay for the cream for Jesita’s eyes, you can use the following link:
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She’s only a puppy

And already she has been cast away and left in the doghouse in Valladolid, where she most certainly would have been put down if Scooby didn’t get her, together with another black galgo. She’s covered with open wounds, much and much too skinny and she has a problem with her hind legs, she doesn’t seem to be able to stand on them, so that also makes it hard for her to walk. To determine the cause oft he problem we need to have X-rays done to see if something still can be done about it. It is such an adorable little girl, she’d love to play with the other pups in the kennel, and it is quite hard on her but she tries not to show it and does her very best to be just like the others. So young, so little (we think she’s about half a year old) and already she has suffered so much.. she did not do anything to deserve that, except being born a galgo?  It really breaks my heart.
The use of galgos for hunting is the cause of so much misery in the whole of Spain that we should continue to fight for a ban on the use of galgos for hunting!

Another rescue trip, by Francesca

I have always seen all the pictures about the rescue of galgos, going through all the emotions, but I never thought I could live the experience myself! Last Monday Scooby had to go to Merida and Jerez de la Frontera to pick up galgos and I could come with them. It was a long trip, filled with emotion. I will never forget the terrorized looks in the face of some galgos, what the gualgeros were saying when they got rid of their dogs, the eyes of the mixdogs that we could not take (unfortunately there are too many that nobody wants to adopt!!).   When they are at the refuge they are out of danger but they still need your help; donations to be able to feed them, vaccinate them, castrations, care for them when they are ill, and of course we still need to fine them all a family!!
Again I am very proud to be able to work with Scooby and that I have been able to offer some help, little as it may be, to these galgos. Thank you Scooby.
Francesca (Scooby Italia Team (she accompanied Simonetta on the trip to Merida and Jerez)


Badly injured dog found in rubbish container

Last Monday, the 26th of January the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby received a call from the local Salamanca Police to pick up a dog which was found in a container. When our coworker  Jesé   arrived there, he found a galgo of 4 months in a sack. At first sight it was difficult to see if they had shot him or not, because the wound were unclear.  He was quickly taken to a clinic in Zamora where today he is fighting for his life with a very pronounced hypothermia. After the evaluation by the vet it was confirmed that the wounds were cause by bites and not from being shot.  We at Scooby, without being able to confirm it, we think that this dog was used for dogfights, and that is where his wounds come from.  The person (to give it a name) that deliberately threw him in the container knew perfectly well he was committing a crime. All of us at Scooby are confident that this brave soul will recover, although it looks complicated. We will keep you informed.



Podencos, podenco mixes and galgo mixes

Everybody knows about the galgo problem, there are so many orgs telling us about the problematic of the galgos, that a lot of people now are adopting them , what is absolutely awesome but at this moment I want to explain about other hunting dogs other sighthounds and these are the podencos, the problematic of the podencos is quite similar to galgos, they are used for hunting, honestly in our area we don’t have a lot of them so is not familiar for me how they use these dogs, but what is familiar is how they kill them, the ways how to kill a podenco are more or less the same like galgos, they are hanged ……..so in my humble point of view if we can feel sorry for galgos, we must feel sorry for the podencos.
There are many kind of podencos, little by little I am knowing more and more, but I need still a lot to learn, in my area the most common are podenco Portuguese short hair or long hair , in fact we have plenty of them, and of course all the crosses that you can imagine, they are adorable at least some of them, the rough hair ones are a little bit noisy but nothing serious, while I was walking among the kennels, I could see in one of the kennels one of them and I really fell in love with her, she was jumping and trying to get my attention and she got it, I am going to try to foster her until she gets adopted, at this moment we are rescuing many podencos and I must say that I feel really good doing it, before we were not rescuing so many , only because they are difficult to rehome but it was something that was bothering me for a long time, why galgos yes and podencos not if at the end the suffering is the same so now I am lot more happy but we have a problem because they need homes, but not only the podencos when we rescue them many times we rescue podenco mixes so if pure are really difficult to rehome mixes are really impossible, or maybe not as I am sure that inside your heart there is a space for them, mainly now that we are rescuing many of them, there are many orgs for galgos but podencos don’t have a chance. Will you be their chance?
Ibizan hounds are really rare here, magnetos are from Andalucía and we are also getting some, so you have plenty of choices in Scooby for choosing a podenco so please next time think about that carefully, they also deserved a good home.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín