Happy Holidays! – But not for us…

We are not spending these holidays in a warm and loving home. Again. We will spend our second,  third or even fourth Christmas here at the shelters of Scooby. We just don’t understand! We have seen so many friends come and go. They are all lying blissfully under a Christmas tree somewhere, next to a warm fireplace, getting special treats. But no, not us. We lie on an old blanket in a plastic basket on a concrete floor. And once a day somebody comes in to clean our poo and pee and to give us food and water. We love that person though; he or she is the highlight of our day, but it’s not the same.
Don’t misunderstand, we are very happy for our friends and grateful that somebody adopted them into a loving family. But we would like to have that too someday. So from the bottom of our heart we are asking you: Please, get into the holiday spirit and adopt us! We will do anything, even wear these silly hats for you! So please, please, pleeeaaase adopt us? Thank you...



Suri and Timy are two incredibly sweet, loving and happy little galgos, but both of them suffer with neurological symptoms, meaning they don't always move completely normal or look in the right direction, and sometimes their reactions and movements can be slower and not as 'normal' as the other dogs.
Because Suri and Timy are 'different' to the other galgos, both of them have been picked on by the other dogs and now they need to be kept together in a smaller kennel to keep them safe from harm.
Both dogs are so happy, playful, funny and very very affectionate with people. They both need and deserve a safe and loving home to enjoy life, they have already stolen the hearts of everyone in the shelter.
Please help us to give them the life they truly deserve, please help Suri and Timy to find a wonderful new home for the New Year.

Enjoy the photos and videos of Suri and Timy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLdhgTwGI1k&feature=youtu.be - Timy and Suri

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95KYvvDlF7c&feature=youtu.be - Suri

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT9bZ7VmpaM&feature=youtu.be - Timy




MANTEQUILLA,born in 2014.Timid,scared of people.Happy living with other dogs that can help him to improve.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp7CDkdZ-sc&feature=youtu.be


TRANCAS BARRANCAS,brothers born in 2011.Trancas is a big boy,quiet andgentle,friendly with people and the other dogs.Barrancas is more reserved,a bit timid;playful and active,funny!    

 TUESTO,born in 2014.Shy but not traumatized;very docile and making big progresses.


.All together:  https://youtu.be/n7aNxtN2hz0