And now to all of you: Platon

Oh well, before in Cuenca he was called Diaria, I think it must have been because of the soccerplayer of Real Madrid. I already told you about him when he arrived but now I am dedicating this update to him exclusively because he is worth it. Platon represents everything that makes this struggle for animal welfare worthwhile. He is a puppy, he can’t be more than a year old and has already suffered everything imaginable. His body is full of marks and scars and what is worse, so is his soul. He came here with the reputation of being a biter, they told us he would attack anyone and anything and he actually did; the first day, which was just a week ago, he tried to bite everything left and right, after about half an hour I managed to put a leash on him and hold him in a way he could not bite me, and I took him to my yard to my own dogs and let him loose there, he followed me while barking all the time but I managed to get him to sleep inside my warm house the first night. One thing for sure is that Platon smelled absolutely horrible and I must admit that on several occasions I was about to take him outside to sleep because of course he just had to choose the bed next to me. Every night I give my dogs a little treat so I gave him too, very careful from a distance so I would not loose my fingers, so for a few days he was very curious but Platon wanted to enter my house to sleep and would not do it if I was close by, so I took my distance and tried to ignore him or turn my back to him, that way he dared to come in, take a walk around the house and went to his bed, and when I came with the treats he grunted and barked. Until friday when I came with some pork rinds and he took them from my hands with his mouth and all my fingers are still in place. Yesterday it was saturday and a beautiful sunny day so he went outside to the yard and played with the other dogs, I went to sit outside and you can imagine my surprise when Platon came close to me to be petted, he must have liked it since he tried to climb on top of me so I would continue petting him, he finally must have lost his fear and found that not all humans are terrible beings, that he had decided to give us another chance. Today he has come with my and my dogs for a walk, he comes for a cuddle, he doesn’t come when called but he is a different dog, when I leave he starts to cry and he is the first to greet me at the door when I come in, all this is just 7 days, in 7 days he has changed from a traumatized dog to a happy dog, and now all we need is for you to take him off my hands by adopting him since there are other dogs in need of recovery and it seems my group of dogs is ideal for curing these dogs whose souls are hurt, and I can assure you you won’t regret it. He needs a family that loves him and adores him because he has all the love in the world to give to you. An update in hionor of Platon because this dog symbolizes everything that is Scooby and the happiness it gives me to see him so happy, compensates for all the efforts and the hurt that this world has. Clowns are trying to make children smile, I am working to get Platon to smile and all the possible Platon’s that will come on my path. This is what animal protection is all about.
Kisses, bites and loving licks from the dogs.. Fermin

P.S. I have called him Platon because he is so much like Socrates and he is also traumatized so please take Platon off my hands because I have been told that there are two more like him, one in Cordoba and one in Cuenca and I need more space.