Isabeau the galga close to the river.

This wonderful lady named Isabeau has been stray during more than one year in Castronuño, a small town 30 km far from us, she has survived eating from the rubbish containers and also some food that the people from that village gave her, something quite strange is that she was confident with humans and she let herself being caught easily, so the woman in the picture phoned us and we ask her to catch her and she did it , immediately half an hour after the first phone call she made the second one, telling us that she got the dog, Simonetta went there  immediately and she is now safe at our shelter looking for a home. Fermin



The sad history of Manolin.

His name is Manolin and he is a happy and playful Drattar Puppy no more than 4 months old, but he has develop a disease and we don’t know what is it , our vet is not sure , the only thing that we know for sure is that one eye is lost and the other one could follow, we need to take him to an eye specialist and it is very expensive, I hope that he can have treatment , because it seems the same disease that we had with one galga not so long ago, by the way she is rehomed in France , trough Levriers sans Frontieres, by the way I would like to know how is she now. Ok we are going to need a lot of money for vet and treatments and also a foster home while the treatment , and obviously a permanent home for Manolin, so please help us to help Manolin. Fermín



Galgos,Galgos, Galgos

he hunting season has finished six months ago, but we still find abandoned galgos.
Only today, four more galgos were found in the streets of Salamanca and arrived this morning in Medina.
They will be checked by our vet, vaccinated, microchipped (they obviously don't have a chip, like almost all the galgos found in the streets), dewormed.
They  will be given a name, depending on the face, color, attitude, sympathy, and they finally will become "someone".
Then, they will be uploaded into our database and will be available for adoption.
They'll be there, looking at you through the screen with their enormous eyes, like fisheyes, hoping  that some of you will fall in love with him or her.
And if it would be you?
Take a look at our dogs up for adoption here, you never know, and maybe today it's your lucky day!


Galga puppy with broken basin tied to the fence

Alice is a special gift, we want to thank you, the benefactor, for leaving her tied in front of our shelter in Zamora. Thank you!
We are very sorry that he's an unknown benefactor, because we would like to have asked him a couple of questions, as for example, how can it be possible that a so young puppy about 3/4 months old, has already a broken basin and more, the fracture has been already settled (by itself).
What did this poor puppy suffer?
Despite all, Alice is an happy girl, plays and runs like all the other puppies, and never minds about that person that left her alone tied to a fence.
Now we need your help again to give Alice all the necessary care, and more important of all, a warm home where she can spend the coming winter.

Read what ex-Scooby Rayo is doing now!



The history of Xena and Carlo

This is a history that is quite common lately , I am starting with Xena, supposedly she was lost at the main square of Medina del Campo, we rescued her and then we tried to reach the owner, we couldn’t find the owner so we report the abandonment thinking, innocent as we are, that the justice will look for him and prosecute him, well it has not happend, while it happens we found the owner and ask him to come, pick up the dog to pay the expenses that we have had for several vet treatments and all the rest or just to change the microchip ownership into our name so we can rehome the dog, he refused everything, he is not coming to pick up the dog and also he want us to pay 300 euros for changing the ownership of the dog, everything has been reported and until now , two years later nothing has happened, the poor Xena is still at our shelter waiting for the authorities to do something.

The other one is Carlo, he has a microchip , we tried to trace the owner but he is registered in Madrid the phone doesn’t work and the registration has not a place where to Trace the owner and what to do then? . I really don’t know sometimes why microchip is a must in Spain when we find cases like this nobody does anything and I am really becoming too angry about this.

We have also another cases and I will make public later , like the case of Aida , we also have had several successful cases and we will tell you also. How you can see we are working on a lot of different levels , please support us to keep fighting for them. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin


Holiday time - yiepiehh - and the dog? Just put him on the street...

What better then holiday time? Sun, sea, relax, funny!
And the dog? Never mind, someone other will think of him!
In the last few days many small breed dogs have arrived in Scooby, which certainly have spent their lives in a home. One of them, Little Tony, has approximately ten years!
Now, we ask ourselves, after ten years - well, also after only one year - what kind of person can think of abandoning a dog almost without teeth, three kg of weight, on the street?
Answer you please, 'cause we have run out of words.