Jesita, an unexpected present

On a cold morning we arrived at the refuge in Zamora and we found that somebody had left us a “present” at the door. It already has become normal that we find these cases of abandoned animals in the morning and when we saw the box we automatically thought that there would be a litter inside. We were surprised to find an little dog of advanced age, scared and completely blind. Her eyes are completely white, glassy and she will never recover her sight. How can somebody let a dog come to this stage?  Maybe if it were treated you could not have prevented it  to happen but surely it would not have come to this extreme state. Jesita spends her time inside her kennel with her head against the wall, disoriented and frightened. She panicks when she hears somebody getting near and only calms down when she recognizes us. She is totally misplaced and does not feel well so we need to find her a  home as soon as possible.  But before that it is VERY URGENT we find her a foster home first. We are also going to need help to pay for her medication, which would be only a cream but it’s an expensive one. After being a loyal companion for 15 years, her reward has been cruel abandonment. We don’t have any words to express the helplessness and the anger we feel when we see cases like this. Unfortunately we have to accept the situation and the only thing we  can do is hope that somebody will feel pity for her and can give her a home where she won’t be scared anymore and can live in peace for the rest of her life.
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